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Current Meeting Notice

Agency Name:Wintergarden Spinach Producers Board
Date of Meeting:08/14/2018
Time of Meeting:01:00 PM (Local Time)
Board:Wintergarden Spinach Producers Board
Street Location:Winter Garden Co-op Gin, 13699 W. US Hwy 57
City Location:Batesville
Meeting State:TX
Submit Date:08/01/2018
Emergency Meeting?:No
Additional Information Obtained From:Kenneth White, PO Box 886, Uvalde TX, 78802-0886; 830-591-8111
Agenda:I. Call to order.

II. Discussion and Approval of Minutes from Previous Meeting.

III. Discussion and Possible Approval of Board Expenses.

IV. Report on Assessment Collections from Spinach Processors.

V. Report on Research Projects Funded by the Board.

VI. Discussion and Possible Action Relating to Advisory Committee Report.

VII. Discussion and Possible Action on Awarding of Grant Proposals.

VIII. Discussion and Possible Action on Rate of Assessment for 2018-2019.

IX. Discussion and Possible Action on Budget for 2018-2019.

X. Set Date and Time for Next Meeting.

XI. Adjourn Meeting.

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