Figure: 40 TAC §745.9031

Remedial Action Description of Action
(1) Reprimand We send you a letter of reprimand by certified mail. Further disciplinary actions may result from future violations.
(2) Probation We put you on probation for a specific period of time. We may impose conditions on your probation. As part of the probation, we may require you to report to us regularly on the conditions of your probation and to continue or renew professional education that is related to the conditions we impose. We may also limit your areas of practice during the probation period. We may place you on probation only once during the two-year term of your administratorís license. We may suspend or revoke your administratorís license if you do not meet the conditions of your probation.
(3) Refusal to Renew License Even if you otherwise qualify for renewal, we refuse to renew your administratorís license if you are not in compliance with the laws or rules governing it.
(4) Suspension We suspend your administratorís license for a specified period of time. We may require corrective actions during your suspension period. We may revoke your administratorís license if you do not complete the suspensionís required corrective actions.
(5) Revocation We revoke your administratorís license.
(6) License Denial We deny you an administratorís license.