Figure: 25 TAC §133.169(e)


  Clinical Dietary Laundry
Gallons per hour per bed 1
Temperature (F degrees)
105-120 2
140 3
160 4

1 Quantities indicated for design demand of hot water are for general reference minimums and shall not substitute for accepted engineering design procedures using actual number and types of fixtures to be installed.  Design will also be affected by temperatures of cold water used for mixing, length of run, and insulation relative to heat loss.  As an example, total quantity of hot water needed will be less when temperature available at the outlet is very nearly that of the source tank, and cold water used for tempering is relatively warm.

2 Hot water temperature at point of use for hand washing and bathing.

3 Provisions shall be made to provide 180 degrees Fahrenheit rinse water at the ware washer (may be by separate booster) unless a chemical rinse is provided.

4 Provisions shall be made to provide 160 degrees Fahrenheit hot water at the laundry equipment when needed.  (This may be by steam jet or separate booster heater.)  However, it is emphasized that this does not imply that all water used will be at this temperature.  Water temperatures required for acceptable laundry results shall vary according to type of cycle, time of operation, and formula of soap and bleach as well as type and degree of soil.  Lower temperatures may be adequate for most procedures in many facilities but the higher 160 degrees Fahrenheit should be available when needed for special conditions.