Figure: 25 TAC §135.56(c)


  Station Outlets
Location Oxygen
see notes 1, 4
see notes 1, 4

see notes 1,
2, 3, 4
Operating room (general, cardio-vascular, neurological and
orthopedic surgery)
2/room 3/room 1/room
Operating room (cystoscopic and endoscopic surgery) 1/room 3/room ---
Postanesthetic care unit 1/bed 3/bed 1/bed
Special procedure rooms 2/room 2/room 1/room
Special procedure recovery 1/bed 1/bed ---
Endoscopic procedure room 2/room 2/room 1/room
Endoscopy work room --- 1 1 (note 3)
Treatment rooms 1/room 1/room ---
Decontamination room (part of sterile processing) --- 1 1 (note 3)


1.  Prohibited uses of medical gases include fueling torches, blowing down or drying any equipment such as lab equipment, endoscopy or other scopes, or any other purposes. Also prohibited is using the oxygen or medical air to raise, lower, or otherwise operate booms or other devices in operating rooms (ORs) or other areas.

2.   Medical air sources shall be connected to the medical air distribution system only and shall be used only for air in the application of human respiration, and calibration of medical devices for respiratory application. The medical air piping distribution system shall support only the intended need for breathable air for such items as intermittent positive pressure breathing (IPPB) and long-term respiratory assistance needs, anesthesia machines, and so forth. The system shall not be used to provide engineering, maintenance, and equipment needs for general facility support use. The life safety nature of the medical air system shall be protected by a system dedicated solely for its specific use.

3.   Instrument air shall be used for purposes such as the powering of medical devices unrelated to human respiration (e.g., surgical tools, ceiling arms). Medical air and instrument air are distinct systems for mutually exclusive applications. Nitrogen shall be allowed for decontamination and endoscopy workroom uses if provided with reducing regulator. This shall be supplied from existing medical gas support nitrogen system and installed in accordance to NFPA 99, 2002 Edition.

4.   Central supply systems for oxygen, medical air, nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and all other medical gases shall not be piped to, or used for, any other purpose except patient care applications.