Figure: 25 TAC §289.204(j)
Category of Machine/Type of Use Fee
(1) Computerized Tomography (CT) $1,910.00
(2) Fluoroscopy $940.00
(3) Accelerator, Simulator, or Other Therapeutic Radiation Machine $1,910.00
(4) Radiographic Machines Only $600.00
(5) Podiatric Radiographic Only $420.00
(6) Dental Radiographic Only $370.00
(7) Veterinary, Including CT, Fluoroscopy, and Accelerators $290.00
(8) Industrial Radiography

(A) Fixed Facility
(B) Temporary Job Sites
(9) Other Industrial

(A) Diffraction
(B) Computerized Tomography
(C) Fluoroscopy
(D) Flash Radiography
(E) Hand-held Light Intensifying Image Devices
(10) Morgues and Educational Facilities Utilizing Radiation
Machines for Non-human Use, Including CT, Fluoroscopy, and
(11) Minimal Threat Radiation Machines as Specified in 25 TAC

(A) Cathodoluminescence
(B) Electron Beam Welding
(C) Fluorescence X-Ray
(D) Gauge - X-Ray
(E) Ion Implantation
(F) Package X-Ray
(G) Particle Size Analyzer - X-Ray
(H) Cabinet X-Ray (Certified)
(I) Other
(12) Exposure Rate or Dose Measurements performed by a Licensed
Medical Physicist as Specified in 25 TAC §289.226(b)(9)
(13) Services as Specified in 25 TAC §289.226(b)(10)

(A) Exposure Rate or Dose  Measurements
(B) Radiation Machine Output Measurements
(C) Agency-Accepted Training Courses
(D) Calibration
(E) Demonstration/Sales
(F) Assembly, Installation or Repair
(G) Equipment Performance Evaluations on Dental Radiation
(H) Provider of Equipment
(14) Laser - Medical/Research/Academic $230.00
(15) Laser - Industrial/Services/Entertainment $400.00
(16) Reciprocity Fee of Applicable
(17) Additional Authorized Use Location Where Radiation Machines
or Services are Authorized Under the Same Registration
30% of
Applicable Fee