Figure: 30 TAC 101.334(3)


(HICP x EFCP) + [(HI1997 - HICP) * EFnew]




2000 lbs / allowance



A = Allowances to be subtracted from the compliance account
HICP = Heat input for the control period.
EFCP = The emission factor for the control period in terms of lbs/MMBtu
HI1997 = Heat input from 1997
EFnew = The emission factor in terms of lbs/MMBtu for the EGF that replaced the thermal energy from the reduced utilization or shutdown. If the specific EGF that replaced the thermal energy is not identifiable, the emission factor shall be equal to the average emission factor for all EGFs in the state as listed in the 1997 Emissions Scorecard from EPA's Acid Rain Program.