Figure: 30 TAC 285.91(4)

Table IV. Required Testing and Reporting.

Type and Size
of Treatment Unit

Testing Frequency

Required Tests

Minimum Acceptable
Test Results

Any Treatment Method in Conjunction with Surface Application

At least once every four months

One BOD5 and TSS Grab Sample Per Year (non-single family residences only)

Total Chlorine Residual or Fecal Coliform at Each Required Test
BOD5 and TSS Grab Samples Not To Exceed 65 mg/l

0.1 mg/l Residual in Pump Tank or Fecal Coliform Not To Exceed 200 MPN/100 ml (CFU/100 ml)
Any Secondary Treatment System At least once every four months None None
Non Standard Permit Specific Permit Specific Permit Specific