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Agency Name:Toledo Bend Project Joint Committee
Date of Meeting:06/15/2021
Time of Meeting:10:30 AM
Board:Toledo Bend Project Joint Operating Board
Committee:Toledo Bend Project Joint Committee
Street Location:Texas Damsite Office, 450 Spur 135
City Location:Burkeville
State Location:TX
Date of Submission:06/10/2021
Additional Information Obtained From:David Montagne, Project Supervisor for Administration, P.O. Box 579, Orange, TX 77631
Emergency Mtg:N
Agenda:1. Call to Order.
2. Record of Attendance.
3. Official Meeting Designation (Notice Posted).
4. Approve Minutes of April 8, 2021, Operating Board meeting.
5. Public Comments.
6. Discuss and take necessary action to adopt proposed FY-22 Toledo Bend Project Joint Operation Water Supply and Hydroelectric System Budget.
7. Project Updates.
c. Powerhouse
d. Dam Safety Update
8. Adjourn.
TRD ID:2021003441
Datestamp:06/10/2021 10:51 AM
Archive Date:06/17/2021

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