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Current Meeting Notice

Agency Name:Texas Pecan Board
Date of Meeting:02/27/2019
Time of Meeting:01:00 PM (Local Time)
Board:Texas Pecan Board
Street Location:DeLeon City Auditorium, 125 S. Texas Street
City Location:DeLeon, Texas 76444
Meeting State:TX
Submit Date:01/29/2019
Emergency Meeting?:No
Additional Information Obtained From:Bob Whitney, 201 S. Houston Street, DeLeon, Texas 76444, (979) 571-2086

I. Call to Order
II. Texas Pecan Board Hosting Informational meeting on Wednesday, February 27, led by the American Pecan Council (APC) to discuss the implementation of standards for comparable grade, size, quality, and maturity requirements of pecans and to enforce these standards through a federal inspection program.

III. Adjourn meeting

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