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Agency Name:Texas Agricultural Finance Authority
Date of Meeting:12/11/2019
Time of Meeting:09:00 AM (Local Time)
Board:Texas Agricultural Finance Authority
Street Location:1700 North Congress Ave, 11th Floor, Room 1104A
City Location:Austin
Meeting State:TX
Submit Date:11/25/2019
Emergency Meeting?:No
Additional Information Obtained From:Mindy Fryer, 1700 North Congress Avenue, Austin, Texas (512) 463-6908

I. Call to Order/Roll Call.
II. Opening Remarks
III. Texas Department of Agriculture updates
IV. Welcome to Sunset staff; introductions and discussion of the process
V. Discussion and Action on minutes of the August 1, 2019 meeting.
VI. Annual Financial Audit -Discussion and Action.
a) Presentation/Review of the 2018 Audited Financial Statements as conducted by Martinez, Rosario & Company, LLP, CPAs.
b) Possible action on and approval of same.
VII. Presentation of TAFA overview by TDA staff TAFA, including discussion of program history and unpaid obligations. Possible action related to unpaid obligations, Interest Rate Reduction program, and Young Farmer Interest Rate Reduction program.
a) Agricultural Loan Guarantee. - Discussion of outstanding obligations; recommendations, discussion and possible action on guarantee limits, types of loans, and composition of loan guarantee portfolio.
b) Young Farmer Guarantee. - Discussion of outstanding obligations and possible action related to same.
c) Rural Municipal Finance.
 Discussion of outstanding obligations and possible action related to same.
d) Interest Rate Reduction/Young Farmer Interest Rate Reduction. - Discussion of outstanding obligations and possible action related to same. Discussion and possible action on use of programs for natural disaster recovery.
VIII. Discussion and possible action related to TAFA bonding authority, including how to best utilize TAFA's bonding authority, recommended programs to implement such authority, and updates on implementation.
IX. Presentation of, discussion on, and possible action regarding Young Farmer Grants.
a) Discussion of pending grant applications, and possible action to make awards and fund particular grant applications.
b) Discussion of and possible action on board and / or staff recommendations for improvements to the grant making process.
c) Set dates for the next round of grant applications.
X. Other Business Raised at Meeting: Response and action to be placed on next agenda.
XI. Public Comment.
XII. Adjourn.

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