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Current Meeting Notice

Agency Name:Texas Citrus Pest and Disease Management Corporation
Date of Meeting:12/17/2019
Time of Meeting:09:30 AM (Local Time)
Board:Citrus Pest and Disease Management Corporation
Committee:Board Meeting
Street Location:TexaSweet Conference Room, 901 Business Park Drive
City Location:Mission
Meeting State:TX
Submit Date:12/03/2019
Emergency Meeting?:No
Additional Information Obtained From:Dale Murden, 901 Business Park Drive, Mission, Texas, (956) 580-8004

I. Call to Order.

II. Opening Remarks and Introductions.

III. Review and Approval of Minutes from Previous Meeting (October 15, 2019)

IV. Review and Approval of Financial and Grants Reports - Linda Lopez
a) Certificate of Deposit discussion and possible action

V. New Business - discussion and possible action
a) Contract with Bob Manghan to facilitate USDA APHIS effort to register attract and kill devices for Mexican Fruit Fly
b) Possible appointment by Board to fill Jimmy Pawliks unexpired term
c) Past dues and lien discussion
d) Review Procurement Policy - discussion and possible action on possible recommended changes.

VI. Corporation Program Reports
a) Citrus Zone Pest & Disease - Dale Murden
b) Education & Outreach - Eleisha Ensign

VII. Discussion and Update.
a) U.S.D.A. - APHIS Report
b) T.D.A. Report.
c) TAMUK Citrus Center Report
d) Texas A&M AgriLife Extension and Research Report

VIII. Executive Session
a) Consultation with Attorney in Accordance with Texas Govt. Code Section 551.071.

IX. Possible Action regarding Executive Session.

X. Other Business Raised at Meeting to be Placed on Next Agenda.

XI. Public Comment

XII. Adjourn Meeting. Next meeting date scheduled for February 18, 2020

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