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RULE §153.22Voluntary Appraiser Trainee Experience Reviews
Historical Texas Register

(a) Before applying for a license, an appraiser trainee may submit up to two requests for the Board to review the appraiser trainee's work product.

(b) An appraiser trainee may submit an application to the Board for review of the appraiser trainee's work product after:

  (1) accumulating between thirty to fifty percent of the hours of appraisal experience required by the AQB for category of appraiser license the appraiser trainee will be applying for;

  (2) accumulating between sixty to eighty percent of the hours of appraisal experience required by the AQB for category of appraiser license the appraiser trainee will be applying for; or

  (3) both.

(c) Work product submitted for review must fall within one of the approved categories of experience credit described in §153.15(e) of this title and meet the definition of real estate appraisal experience in §153.1 of this title.

(d) To begin the review process, an appraiser trainee must:

  (1) submit an application for work product review on a form approved by the Board;

  (2) pay the required fee; and

  (3) submit a completed appraisal report and corresponding work file from a time period during which the appraiser trainee had legal authority to perform the work.

(e) The application for review of an appraiser trainee's work product is not complete until the appraiser trainee submits all required documentation and pays the required fee.

(f) If an appraiser trainee provides inadequate documentation, the Board will contact the appraiser trainee in writing, identify any deficiencies and provide the appraiser trainee twenty days to cure the noted deficiencies. If the appraiser trainee fails to cure the deficiencies timely, the Board will terminate the appraiser trainee's application for work product review.

(g) The Board will provide the appraiser trainee with a written report identifying deficiencies in the appraiser trainee's work product after the application for review is complete.

(h) A review conducted under this provision:

  (1) is for educational purposes only;

  (2) does not constitute Board approval of the appraiser trainee's experience;

  (3) does not preclude the Board from denying a license application submitted by the appraiser trainee in the future; and

  (4) will not result in a complaint against the appraiser trainee unless review of the appraiser trainee's work product reveals:

    (A) knowing or intentional misrepresentation, fraud or criminal conduct; or

    (B) serious deficiencies that constitute grossly negligent acts or omissions.

Source Note: The provisions of this §153.22 adopted to be effective March 13, 2016, 41 TexReg 1688; amended to be effective September 15, 2018; 43 TexReg 5776

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