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RULE §357.19Other Procedures

(a) Postponement. The hearings officer considers a postponement for a hearing only if the appellant or his authorized representative contacts the appropriate appeals office before the scheduled hearing is to occur.

  (1) SNAP Fair Hearings--The appellant is entitled to receive one postponement of up to 30 days. Additional postponements may be approved if the hearings officer determines that there is good cause.

  (2) All other Fair Hearings--The hearings officer may postpone a fair hearing if the hearings officer determines that good cause exists.

  (3) The hearings officer must state in writing the decision on the request to postpone and send it to the appellant and agency.

(b) Dismissals.

  (1) The hearings officer dismisses the fair hearing if the appellant fails to appear at the scheduled hearing.

  (2) The appellant will have 30 days to submit in writing a request to re-open the hearing and the reasons that he failed to appear at the scheduled fair hearing.

  (3) The hearings officer will consider the request and determine whether the appellant had good cause for missing the scheduled hearing. If the hearings officer determines the appellant had good cause for failing to appear, the hearings officer will re-open the hearing and set a new hearing date.

  (4) The hearings officer documents the dismissal in writing and sends the decision to the parties.

(c) Withdrawals.

  (1) Only the appellant or his or her authorized representative can withdraw the request for appeal.

  (2) The appellant or his or her authorized representative must make the request to withdraw in writing to the hearings officer, an agency representative, or designee.

  (3) If the appellant or his authorized representative orally requests to withdraw the appeal, he must confirm the request in writing. If a written request is not submitted, the hearings officer must notify the appellant in writing that if the written request is not received within 10 days, the appeal will be withdrawn based upon the original oral request.

  (4) An oral request to withdraw during a hearing will be accepted in lieu of a written withdrawal.

  (5) If an appellant dies during the appeal process, the hearings officer considers the appeal withdrawn unless the hearings officer is notified that the authorized representative or the appellant's executor intends to pursue the appeal.

(d) Recessed Fair Hearings. Once the hearing has begun, the hearings officer may recess the hearings proceedings if the hearings officer finds good cause for the recess. Following notice to both sides, the hearings officer may reconvene the hearing, if necessary.

(e) Administrative Review. An administrative review of a hearings decision is provided as set forth in §§357.701 - 357.703 of this chapter (relating to Purpose and Application, Definitions and Process and Timeframes).

(f) Procedural Review. A procedural review is available to clients and applicants for hearings decisions relating to programs not covered under Chapter 31 (TANF), Chapter 32 (Medicaid), or Chapter 33 (Nutrition Assistance Programs) Human Resources Code.

  (1) An appellant or his or her authorized representative may make a timely request for a review of the decision.

  (2) A request for a review of the decision must be postmarked within 30 days of the date of notice of the hearings officer's decision, and must be addressed to the hearings administrator.

  (3) The scope of the review is limited to determining whether the hearings officer followed laws, procedures, and program rules introduced in the hearing.

Source Note: The provisions of this §357.19 adopted to be effective June 29, 2009, 34 TexReg 4292; amended to be effective June 14, 2010, 35 TexReg 5033

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