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RULE §360.103Applying and Providing Information

(a) A person applies for MBI by completing an application for MBI and submitting it to HHSC. The date of receipt of the signed application by HHSC is the application filing date, and thus establishes the application month explained in §360.119 of this chapter (relating to Medical Effective Date).

(b) HHSC notifies an MBI recipient in writing when it is time to redetermine the recipient's eligibility. This usually occurs once per year, although HHSC may require a person to reapply sooner if HHSC determines that a special review of the person's eligibility is appropriate. An MBI recipient must reapply when HHSC sends written notice of the requirement to the recipient's case address of record. The written notice explains the deadline to reapply. If an MBI recipient fails to reapply by the deadline stated in the written notice, HHSC may terminate the recipient's MBI eligibility.

(c) HHSC sends in writing to the person's case address of record the eligibility decision on an application, reapplication, or reported change. If the person disagrees, the person has the right to request a fair hearing to appeal HHSC's decision, as explained in HHSC's fair hearing rules in Chapter 357 of this title (relating to Hearings).

(d) An applicant for MBI must provide HHSC with all requested documentation and information that HHSC advises is necessary to determine the applicant's eligibility. If the applicant fails or refuses to provide requested information by the date specified in a written request from HHSC, HHSC may deny the application for failure to furnish information. When this occurs but the person later provides the requested information, the date that the requested information is provided to HHSC becomes the application filing date explained in subsection (a) of this section.

(e) A person who applies for or is receiving MBI must report to HHSC within 10 calendar days any information that may impact the person's eligibility. If a person fails to comply with the requirements of this subsection, HHSC may redetermine the person's eligibility as of the date the information should have been reported to HHSC.

Source Note: The provisions of this §360.103 adopted to be effective September 1, 2009, 34 TexReg 5517

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