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RULE §55.604Interactive Lookup

(a) By accessing the CSLN data base an insurer may determine whether a claimant owes past-due child support.

(b) To register for access to this database, an insurer must:

  (1) go to the CSLN web page at http://www.childsupportliens.com;

  (2) click on the FAQ tab at the top of the web page and select the question regarding registration;

  (3) complete and electronically submit the registration form and confidentiality statement.

(c) Secure access to the CSLN database will be approved once the registration information and confidentiality statement have been received and reviewed. The insurer will be notified by e-mail of access approval and at that time will be provided with a user ID, the web site address, and basic instructions.

(d) Unless the insurer is participating in the CSLN or OCSE Automated Data Match, the insurer must query the database prior to the payment of the claim.

  (1) For claims involving periodic payments after the insurer has determined that benefits will be payable, the query must be made only prior to the initial payment after the insurer has determined that benefits are payable. No inquiry is required for each periodic payment for 12 months thereafter. Examples of these types of claims would include:

    (A) periodic payments under a disability policy;

    (B) workers' compensation policy;

    (C) accident or health insurance policy involving periodic payments; or

    (D) payments to an annuitant for an annuitization including systematic withdrawal.

  (2) If additional information is required to be submitted to continue periodic payments, this shall not be considered a new claim if the information is provided within 12 months of the initial determination.

  (3) A claim involving different benefits or coverage's will be considered a new claim and the data base must be queried.

(e) The insurer receives immediate notification of the status of the match:

  (1) if there is no match, the insurer is informed;

  (2) if there is a positive match, the insurer is informed and provided the basic match data;

  (3) if there are multiple possible matches within one state, the insurer is asked to call CSLN to identify the correct obligor; and

  (4) if there are multiple possible matches within more than one state, the insurer is notified that CSLN will work with the insurer and the affected states to determine the appropriate course of action.

(f) When an interactive match occurs, CSLN notifies the State child support enforcement agency of a match. CSLN or the State child support agency will send a notice of child support lien (or, in the case of workers' compensations claim, a withholding instrument) to the insurer.

(g) As an alternative to CSLN, a life insurance company can use OCSE's web-based application, the Debt Inquiry Service (DIS), to submit information about life insurance beneficiaries prior to making a payout to determine if a beneficiary owes past-due support. The information may be provided through individual look-ups or by uploading a single file containing information about multiple individuals. The information provided by the life insurance companies is compared with individuals who owe past-due child support. If there is a match, the life insurance company receives the name of the State(s) where the individual owes past-due support and contact information for that State. If the match identifies an individual subject to a child support order being enforced by the CSD, the life insurance company may either contact the CSD or await notice from the CSD concerning the match.

(h) Apart from life insurance claims, the OCSE Debt Inquiry Services portal does not provide enough information to satisfy the insurance data match requirements under this subchapter.

Source Note: The provisions of this §55.604 adopted to be effective June 10, 2003, 28 TexReg 4409; amended to be effective March 5, 2008, 33 TexReg 1762; amended to be effective March 16, 2010, 35 TexReg 2153; amended to be effective December 2, 2013, 38 TexReg 8639

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