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RULE §171.8Municipal Court Reports

(a) Method. Each municipal court shall submit a municipal court activity report of the criminal and civil or administrative cases in the court. Unless OCA grants a waiver for good cause, the court shall submit the reports by electronic means approved by OCA. The maximum duration of a waiver is one year, but OCA may approve successive waivers.

(b) Reporting Categories.

  (1) Criminal case type categories. The monthly report contains the following categories of criminal case types: traffic misdemeanors--subdivided into non-parking, parking, and city ordinance offenses; and non-traffic misdemeanors--subdivided into Penal Code violations, other state law violations, and city ordinance violations.

  (2) Civil/administrative case type category. The monthly report contains a civil/administrative case type category for civil or administrative cases.

  (3) Juvenile/minor activity. The monthly report contains a section for reporting court activity related to juveniles and minors. Pursuant to Section 71.0352 of the Government Code, the report must include:

    (A) the number of cases filed for:

      (i) truant conduct under Sec. 65.003(a), Family Code; and

      (ii) the offense of parent contributing to nonattendance under Sec. 25.093, Education Code; and

    (B) in cases in which a child fails to obey an order of the court under circumstances that would constitute contempt of court, the number of incidents in which a child is:

      (i) referred to juvenile court for delinquent conduct as provided under Art. 45.050(c)(1), Code of Criminal Procedure, or Sec. 65.251, Family Code; or

      (ii) held in contempt, fined, or denied driving privileges as provided by Art. 45.050(c)(2), Code of Criminal Procedure, or Sec. 65.251, Family Code.

  (4) Additional activity. The monthly report contains a section for reporting additional court activity such as magistrate activities and information on fines, court costs and fees collected or otherwise satisfied.

Source Note: The provisions of this §171.8 adopted to be effective January 7, 2010, 35 TexReg 62; amended to be effective September 1, 2016, 41 TexReg 5037

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