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RULE §1.21Action by Department if Outstanding Balances Exist

(a) Purpose. The purpose of this section is to inform Persons or entities requesting awards of new funds or resources, Form(s) 8609, application amendments, LURA amendments, new Contracts (with the exception of a Household Commitment Contract), Contract amendments, or loan modifications that, with the exceptions noted by this rule, if fees or loan payments (principal or interest) are past due, or Disallowed Costs have not been repaid, to the Department, the request may be denied, delayed, or the Subrecipient/Administrator/Developer/Owner's Contract(s) terminated.

(b) Definitions.

  (1) Capitalized words used herein have the meaning assigned in the specific Chapters and Rules of this Part that govern the program associated with the request, or assigned by federal or state law.

  (2) Disallowed Costs: Expenses claimed by a Subrecipient/Administrator/Developer/Owner, paid by the Department, and subsequently determined by the Department to be ineligible and subject to repayment.

(c) Except in the case of interim construction loans, if Disallowed Costs, fees, or loan payments are past due the Department will not: issue Form(s) 8609; amend applications or LURAs; or modify loan documents.

(d) Except in the case of Contracts for CSBG non-discretionary funds, the Department will not make awards of new funds or resources, enter into new Contracts, or amend Contracts when Disallowed Costs, fees, or loan payments remain unpaid, unless the entity has entered into, and is complying with, an agreed-upon repayment plan that is approved by the Department's Executive Director or Enforcement Committee.

(e) Once the Department notifies a Person or entity that they are responsible for the payment of Disallowed Costs, required fee or payment that is past due, if no corrective action is taken within seven days of notification, the Executive Director may deny the requested action for failure to comply with this rule.

(f) Exception for a Work Out Development. If fees (not including application or amendment fees) or payments affiliated with a work out Development are past due, then the past due amounts affiliated with a work out Development may be excepted from this rule, so long as the work out is actively underway by Department staff. In which case, in the Department's sole discretion, LURA or any other kinds of amendments may be considered for the subject Development or Contract.

(g) In accordance with Subchapter C of this Chapter (relating to Previous Participation Reviews), if a Person or entity applies for funding or an award from the Department, any fees, Disallowed Costs, or payment of principal or interest to the Department that is past due beyond any grace period provided for in the applicable loan documents and any past due fees (not just those related to the subject of the request) will be reported to the EARAC.

Source Note: The provisions of this §1.21 adopted to be effective October 29, 2020, 45 TexReg 7578

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