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RULE §10.406Ownership Transfers (§2306.6713)

(a) Ownership Transfer Notification. All multifamily Development Owners must provide written notice and a completed Ownership Transfer packet, if applicable, to the Department at least 45 calendar days prior to any sale, transfer, or exchange of the Development or any portion of or Controlling interest in the Development. Except as otherwise provided herein, the Executive Director's prior written approval of any such transfer is required. The Executive Director may not unreasonably withhold approval of the transfer requested in compliance with this section.

(b) Exceptions. The exceptions to the ownership transfer process in this subsection are applicable.

  (1) A Development Owner shall be required to notify the Department but shall not be required to obtain Executive Director approval when the transferee is an Affiliate of the Development Owner with no new Principals or the transferee is a Related Party who does not Control the Development and the transfer is being made for estate planning purposes.

  (2) Transfers that are the result of an involuntary removal of the general partner by the investment limited partner do not require advance approval but must be reported to the Department as soon as possible due to the sensitive timing and nature of this decision. In the event the investment limited partner has proposed a new general partner or will permanently replace the general partner, a full Ownership Transfer packet must be submitted.

  (3) Changes to the investment limited partner, non-Controlling limited partner, or other non-Controlling partners affiliated with the investment limited partner do not require Executive Director approval. A General Partner's acquisition of the interest of the investment limited partner does not require Executive Director approval, unless some other change in ownership is occurring as part of the same overall transaction.

  (4) Changes resulting from foreclosure do not require advance approval but acquiring parties must notify the Department as soon as possible of the revised ownership structure and ownership contact information.

(c) General Requirements.

  (1) Any new Principal in the ownership of a Development must be eligible under §11.202 of Subchapter C (relating to Ineligible Applicants and Applications). In addition, Persons and Principals will be reviewed in accordance with Chapter 1, Subchapter C of this title (relating to Previous Participation and Executive Award Review and Advisory Committee).

  (2) Changes in Developers or Guarantors must be addressed as non-material amendments to the application under §10.405 of this subchapter (relating to Amendments and Extensions).

  (3) To the extent an investment limited partner or its Affiliate assumes a Controlling interest in a Development Owner, such acquisition shall be subject to the Ownership Transfer requirements set forth herein. Principals of the investment limited partner or Affiliate will be considered new Principals and will be reviewed as stated under paragraph (1) of this subsection.

  (4) Simultaneous transfer or concurrent offering for sale of the General Partner's and Limited Partner's control and interest will be subject to the Ownership Transfer requirements set forth herein and will trigger a Right of First Refusal, if applicable.

(d) Transfer Actions Warranting Debarment. If the Department determines that the transfer, involuntary removal, or replacement was due to a default by the General Partner under the Limited Partnership Agreement, or other detrimental action that put the Development at risk of failure or the Department at risk for financial exposure as a result of non-compliance, staff will refer the matter to the Enforcement Committee for debarment consideration pursuant to §2.401 of this title (relating to Enforcement, Debarment from Participation in Programs Administered by the Department). In addition, a record of transfer involving Principals in new proposed awards will be reported and may be taken into consideration in accordance with Chapter 1, Subchapter C of this title (relating to Previous Participation and Executive Award Review and Advisory Committee), prior to recommending any new financing or allocation of credits.

(e) Transfers Prior to 8609 Issuance or Construction Completion. Prior to the issuance of IRS Form(s) 8609 (for Housing Tax Credits) or the completion of construction (for all Developments funded through other Department programs), an Applicant may request an amendment to its ownership structure to add Principals. The party(ies) reflected in the Application as having Control must remain in the ownership structure and retain Control, unless approved otherwise by the Executive Director. A development sponsor, General Partner or Development Owner may not sell the Development in whole or voluntarily end their Control prior to the issuance of 8609s.

(f) Nonprofit Organizations. If the ownership transfer request is to replace a nonprofit organization within the Development ownership entity, the replacement nonprofit entity must adhere to the requirements in paragraph (1) or (2) of this subsection.

  (1) If the LURA requires ownership or material participation in ownership by a Qualified Nonprofit Organization, and the Development received Tax Credits pursuant to §42(h)(5) of the Code, the transferee must be a Qualified Nonprofit Organization that meets the requirements of §42(h)(5) of the Code and Tex. Gov't Code §2306.6706, if applicable, and can demonstrate planned participation in the operation of the Development on a regular, continuous, and substantial basis.

  (2) If the LURA requires ownership or material participation in ownership by a nonprofit organization or CHDO, the Development Owner must show that the transferee is a nonprofit organization or CHDO, as applicable, that complies with the LURA. If the transferee has been certified as a CHDO by TDHCA prior to 2016 or has not previously been certified as a CHDO by TDHCA, a new CHDO certification package must be submitted for review. If the transferee was certified as a CHDO by TDHCA after 2016, provided no new federal guidance or rules concerning CHDO have been released and the proposed ownership structure at the time of review meets the requirements in 24 CFR Part 92, the CHDO may instead submit a CHDO Self-Certification form with the Ownership Transfer package.

  (3) Exceptions to paragraphs (1) and (2) of this subsection may be made on a case by case basis if the Development (for MFDL) is past its Federal Affordability Period or (for HTC Developments) is past its Compliance Period, was not reported to the IRS as part of the Department's Nonprofit Set Aside in any HTC Award year, and follows the procedures outlined in §10.405(b)(1) - (5) of this subchapter. The Board must find that:

    (A) The selling nonprofit is acting of its own volition or is being removed as the result of a default under the organizational documents of the Development Owner;

    (B) The participation by the nonprofit was substantive and meaningful during the full term of the Compliance Period but is no longer substantive or meaningful to the operations of the Development; and

    (C) The proposed purchaser is an affiliate of the current Owner or otherwise meets the Department's standards for ownership transfers.

(g) Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) Organizations. If a HUB is the general partner or special limited partner of a Development Owner and it determines to sell its ownership interest, after the issuance of IRS Form(s) 8609, the purchaser of that partnership interest or the general or special limited partner is not required to be a HUB as long as the LURA does not require it or the procedure described in §10.405(b)(1) of this subchapter has been followed and approved. The removal of a HUB requirement prior to filing of IRS Form(s) 8609 is subject to the procedure described in §10.405(b)(2) of this subhapter.

(h) Documentation Required. A Development Owner must submit documentation requested by the Department to enable the Department to understand fully the facts and circumstances pertaining to the transfer and the effects of approval or denial. Documentation must be submitted as directed in the Post Award Activities Manual, which includes but is not limited to:

  (1) A written explanation outlining the reason for the request;

  (2) Ownership transfer information, including but not limited to the type of sale, terms of any new financing introduced as a result of the transfer, amount of Development reserves to transfer in the event of a property sale, and the prospective closing date;

  (3) Pre and post transfer organizational charts with TINs of each organization down to the level of natural persons in the ownership structure as described in §11.204(13)(B) of Subchapter C of this title (relating to Required Documentation for Application Submission);

  (4) A list of the names and contact information for transferees and Related Parties;

  (5) Previous Participation information for any new Principal as described in §11.204(13)(C) of this title (relating to Required Documentation for Application Submission);

  (6) Agreements among parties associated with the transfer;

  (7) Owners Certifications with regard to materials submitted as further described in the Post Award Activities Manual;

  (8) Detailed information describing the organizational structure, experience, and financial capacity of any party holding a controlling interest in any Principal or Controlling entity of the prospective Development Owner;

  (9) Evidence and certification that the tenants in the Development have been notified in writing of the proposed transfer at least 30 calendar days prior to the date the transfer is approved by the Department. The ownership transfer approval letter will not be issued until this 30-day period has expired; and

  (10) Any required exhibits and the list of exhibits related to specific circumstances of transfer or Ownership as detailed in the Post Award Activities Manual.

(i) Once the Department receives all necessary information under this section and as required under the Post Award Activities Manual, staff shall initiate a qualifications review of a transferee, in accordance with Chapter 1, Subchapter C of this title (relating to Previous Participation and Executive Award Review and Advisory Committee), to determine the transferee's past compliance with all aspects of the Department's programs, LURAs and eligibility under this chapter and §11.202 of this title (relating to Ineligible Applicants and Applications).

(j) Credit Limitation. As it relates to the Housing Tax Credit amount further described in §11.4(a) of this title (relating to Tax Credit Request and Award Limits), the credit amount will not be applied in circumstances described in paragraphs (1) and (2) of this subsection:

  (1) In cases of transfers in which the syndicator, investor or limited partner is taking over ownership of the Development and not merely replacing the general partner; or

  (2) In cases where the general partner is being replaced if the award of credits was made at least five years prior to the transfer request date.

(k) Penalties, Past Due Fees and Underfunded Reserves. The Development Owner must comply with any additional documentation requirements as stated in Subchapter F of this chapter (relating to Compliance Monitoring) and Subchapter G of this chapter (relating to Affirmative Marketing Requirements and Written Policies and Procedures). The Development Owner on record with the Department will be liable for any penalties or fees imposed by the Department (even if such penalty can be attributable to the new Development Owner) unless an ownership transfer has been approved by the Department. In the event a transferring Development has a history of uncorrected UPCS violations, ongoing issues related to keeping housing sanitary, safe, and decent, an account balance below the annual reserve deposit amount as specified in §10.404(a) of this subchapter (relating to Replacement Reserve Accounts), or that appears insufficient to meet capital expenditure needs as indicated by the number or cost of repairs included in a PNA or SCR, the prospective Development Owner may be required to establish and maintain a replacement reserve account or increase the amount of regular deposits to the replacement reserve account by entering into a Reserve Agreement with the Department. The Department may also request a plan and timeline relating to needed repairs or renovations that will be completed by the departing and/or incoming Owner as a condition to approving the Transfer. A PNA or SCR may be requested if one has not already been received under §10.404 of this subchapter.

(l) Ownership Transfer Processing Fee. The ownership transfer request must be accompanied by the corresponding ownership transfer fee as outlined in §11.901 of this title (relating to Fee Schedule).

Source Note: The provisions of this §10.406 adopted to be effective February 3, 2022, 47 TexReg 266

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