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RULE §20.6Administrator Applicant Eligibility

(a) Eligible Applicants seeking to administer a single family Program are limited to entities described in the Program Rule and/or NOFA; and

  (1) Shall be in good standing with the Department, Texas Secretary of State, Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts and HUD, as applicable.

  (2) Shall comply with all applicable state and federal rules, statutes, or regulations including those administrative requirements in Chapters 1 and 2 of this title (relating to Administration and Enforcement).

  (3) Must provide Resolutions in accordance with the applicable Program Rule.

(b) The actions described in the following paragraphs (1) - (3) of this subsection may cause an Applicant and any Applications they have submitted to administer a Single Family Program to be ineligible:

  (1) Applicant did not satisfy all eligibility and/or threshold requirements described in the applicable Program Rule and NOFA;

  (2) Applicant is debarred by HUD or the Department; or

  (3) Applicant is currently noncompliant or has a history of noncompliance with any Department Program. Each Applicant will be reviewed by the Executive Award and Review Advisory Committee (EARAC) for its compliance history by the Department, as provided in §1.302 (relating to Previous Participation Reviews for Department Program Awards Not Covered by §1.301 of this Subchapter) and §1.303 (relating to Executive Award and Review Advisory Committee (EARAC)) of this title. An Application submitted by an Applicant found to be in noncompliance or otherwise violating the rules of the Department may be recommended with conditions or not recommended for funding by EARAC.

(c) The Department reserves the right to adjust the amount awarded based on the Application's feasibility, underwriting analysis, the availability of funds, or other similar factors as deemed appropriate by the Department.

(d) The Department may decline to fund any Application to administer a Single Family Program if the proposed Activities do not, in the Department's sole determination, represent a prudent use of the Department's funds. The Department is not obligated to proceed with any action pertaining to any Applications received, and may decide it is in the Department's best interest to refrain from pursuing any selection process. The Department reserves the right to negotiate individual components of any Application.

(e) If an Applicant/Administrator is originating or servicing a Mortgage Loan, the Applicant/Administrator must possess all licenses required under state or federal law for taking the Application of and/or servicing a residential mortgage loan and must be in good standing with respect thereto, unless Applicant/Administrator is specifically exempted from such licensure pursuant to the applicable state and federal laws and regulations regarding residential mortgage loans.

Source Note: The provisions of this §20.6 adopted to be effective January 2, 2022, 46 TexReg 9002

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