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RULE §24.8Criteria for Funding and Reservations

(a) The Department will distribute Program funds in accordance with the Texas Housing Trust Fund (Texas HTF) Plan in effect at the time. The Department will publish an announcement for a NOFA in the Texas Register and post the NOFA on the Department's website. The rules referenced in §24.1 of this Chapter (relating to Purpose) and the NOFA will establish and define the terms, conditions, and maximum Reservation amounts allowed per Administrator. The Department may also set a deadline for receiving Reservations or Applications. The NOFA will indicate the approximate amount of available funds. The Department may increase the amount of funds made available through the NOFA from time to time without republishing the NOFA in the Texas Register. Such increases will be reflected on the Department's website.

(b) Any Reservation containing false information will be disqualified. The Department will review and process all Reservations in the order received.

(c) Reservations received by the Department in response to a NOFA will be handled as described in paragraphs (1) - (5) of this subsection.

  (1) The Department will accept Reservations until all funds under the NOFA have been committed. The Department may limit the eligibility of Reservations in the NOFA.

  (2) Each Reservation will be assigned a "received date" based on the date and time the Reservation was entered into the Texas Bootstrap Loan Program Reservation system. Each Reservation will be reviewed in accordance with the Program rules.

  (3) Reservations must comply with all applicable Texas Bootstrap Loan Program requirements or regulations established in this chapter. Reservations that do not comply with such requirements may be disqualified. The Administrator will be notified in writing of any cancelled or disqualified Reservations.

  (4) If a Reservation contains deficiencies which, in the determination of the Department, require clarification or correction of information submitted at the time of the Reservation, the Department may request clarification or correction in the form of a deficiency notice to the Administrator. If the Administrator is unable to cure any deficiencies within 14 calendar days, the Department may decline to fund the Reservation. The Department may provide one 14 calendar day extension to the curative deadline outlined in the deficiency notice.

  (5) Prior to issuing an Applicant eligibility letter the Department may decline to fund any Reservation entered into the Reservation system if the proposed housing Activities do not, in the Department's sole determination, represent a prudent use of the Department's funds. The Department is not obligated to proceed with any action pertaining to any Reservation which are entered, and may decide it is in the Department's best interest to refrain from committing the funds. If the Department has issued an Applicant eligibility letter to the Owner-Builder Applicant, but the Administrator or Owner-Builder Applicant has not complied with all the Program rules and guidelines, the Department may suspend funding until the Administrator or Owner-Builder Applicant has satisfied all requirements of the Program.

Source Note: The provisions of this §24.8 adopted to be effective January 2, 2022, 46 TexReg 9007

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