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RULE §26.23Amy Young Barrier Removal Program Administrative Requirements

(a) To participate in the Program, an eligible participant must first be approved as an Administrator by the Department through the submission of a Reservation System Access Application. Eligible participants include, but are not limited to: Colonia Self-Help Centers established under Tex. Gov't Code, Chapter 2306, Subchapter Z; Councils of Government; Units of Local Government; Nonprofit Organizations; Local Mental Health Authorities; and Public Housing Authorities. An eligible participant may be further limited by NOFA.

(b) The Applicant must enter into an RSP Agreement with the Department in order to be eligible to reserve funds for the Amy Young Barrier Removal Program.

  (1) A Nonprofit Organization must submit a current letter of determination from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) under §501(c)(3), a charitable, nonprofit corporation, of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as evidenced by a certificate from the IRS that is dated 1986 or later. The exemption ruling must be effective throughout the term of the RSP Agreement to access the Reservation System.

  (2) A private Nonprofit Organization must be registered and in good standing with the Office of the Secretary of State and the State Comptroller's Office to do business in the State of Texas.

  (3) The Applicant must demonstrate at least two years of capacity and experience in housing rehabilitation in Texas. The Applicant will be required to provide a summary of experience that must describe the capacity of key staff members and their skills and experience in client intake, records management, and managing housing rehabilitation. It must also describe organizational knowledge and experience in serving Persons with Disabilities.

  (4) The Applicant must provide evidence of adherence to applicable financial accountability standards, demonstrated by an audited financial statement by a Certified Public Accountant for the most recent fiscal year. For a Nonprofit Organizations that does not yet have audited financial statements, the Department may accept a resolution from the Board of Directors that is signed and dated within the six months preceding the Application and that certifies that the procedures used by the organization conform to the requirements in 10 TAC §1.402, (relating to Cost Principles and Administrative Requirements).

  (5) An Applicant must submit a current roster of all Board Members, Council Members, Commissioners, or other Members of its legal governing body, including names and mailing addresses.

  (6) The Applicant must submit a resolution from the Applicant's direct governing body that authorizes the submission of the Application and is signed and dated within the six months preceding the date of application submission. The resolution must include the name and title of the individual authorized to execute an RSP Agreement.

  (7) The Applicant's history will be evaluated in accordance with 10 TAC Chapter 1, Subchapter A, §1.302 and §1.303, (relating to Previous Participation Reviews for Department Program Awards Not Covered by §1.301 of this Subchapter, and Executive Award and Review Advisory Committee (EARAC), respectively). Access to funds may be subject to terms and conditions.

  (8) If applicable, the Applicant must submit copies of executed contracts with consultants or other organizations that are assisting in the implementation of the applicant's AYBR Program activities. The Applicant must provide a summary of the consultant or other organization's experience in housing rehabilitation and/or serving Persons with Disabilities.

(c) Administrators must follow the processes and procedures as required by the Department through its governing statute (Chapter 2306 of the Government Code), Administrative Rules (Texas Administrative Code, Title 10, Part 1), Reservation Agreement, Program Manual, forms, and NOFA.

Source Note: The provisions of this §26.23 adopted to be effective January 2, 2022, 46 TexReg 9012

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