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RULE §6.203Formula for Distribution of CSBG Funds

(a) The CSBG Act requires that no less than 90% of the state's annual allocation be allocated to Eligible Entities. The Department currently utilizes a multi-factor fund distribution formula to equitably provide CSBG funds throughout the state to the CSBG Eligible Entities. The formula is subject to adjustment from time to time when amended as part of the CSBG State Plan.

(b) The distribution formula incorporates the most current U.S. Census Bureau Decennial Census and data from the American Community Survey for information on persons not to exceed 125% of poverty. The formula is applied as follows:

  (1) Each Eligible Entity receives a $50,000 base award;

  (2) Then, the factors of poverty population, weighted at 98% and inverse population density, weighted at 2%, are applied to the state's allocation required to be distributed among Eligible Entities;

  (3) If the base combined with the calculation resulting from the weighted factors in paragraph (2) of this subsection do not reach a minimum floor of $150,000, then a minimum floor of $150,000 is reserved for each of those CSBG eligible entities, resulting in a proportional reduction in other funds available for formula-based distribution; and

  (4) Then, the formula is re-applied to the balance of the 90% funds for distributing the remaining funds to the remaining CSBG Eligible Entities.

(c) Following the use of the decennial Census data, then on a biennial basis, the Department will use the most recent American Community Survey five year estimate data that is available. To the extent that there are significant reductions in CSBG funds received by the Department, the Department may revise the CSBG distribution formula through a rulemaking process.

(d) In years where permitted by the federal government, an Eligible Entity that does not obligate more than 20% of its base allocation in a Program Year (excluding any additional funds that may be distributed by the Department) by the end of the first quarter of the year following the allocation year for two consecutive years will have funding recaptured consistent with 42 U.S.C. §9907(a)(3). This recapture of funds does not trigger the procedures or protections of HHS IM 116. The Subrecipient of the funds will be provided a Contract for the average percentage of funds that they expended over the last two years. The Eligible Entity will be provided an opportunity to redistribute the funds through a competitive request for proposals to a Private Nonprofit Organization, located within the community served by the Eligible Entity. If the Eligible Entity selects this option it will be responsible for monitoring the Private Nonprofit Organization selected. If the Subrecipient does not provide them to an eligible Private Nonprofit Organization, located within the community served by the Subrecipient, the Department in accordance with HHS IM 42 shall redistribute the funds to another Eligible Entity to be used in accordance with the CSBG and Department rules.

(e) Five percent of the Department's annual allocation of CSBG funds may be expended on activities listed in 42 U.S.C. §9907(b)(A) - (H) and further described in the annual plan or by Board approval. The Department may also opt to distribute unexpended funds described in subsection (f) of this section for these activities.

(f) Up to 5% of the State's annual allocation of CSBG funds will be used for the Department's administrative purposes consistent with state and federal law.

Source Note: The provisions of this §6.203 adopted to be effective December 2, 2021, 46 TexReg 8012

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