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RULE §6.3Subrecipient Contract

(a) Subject to prior Board approval, the Department and a Subrecipient shall enter into and execute a Contract for the disbursement of program funds. The Department, acting by and through its Executive Director or his/her designee, may authorize, execute, and deliver authorized modifications and/or amendments to the contract, as allowed by state and federal laws and rules.

(b) The governing body of the Subrecipient must pass a resolution authorizing its Executive Director or his/her designee to have signature authority to enter into contracts, sign amendments, and review and approve reports. All Contract actions including extensions, amendments or revisions must be ratified by the governing body at a subsequent regularly scheduled meeting no later than 120 calendar days from the Contract action. Minutes relating to this resolution must be on file at the Subrecipient level.

(c) Within 45 calendar days following the conclusion of a Contract issued by the Department, the Subrecipient shall provide a final expenditure and final performance report regarding funds expended under the terms of the Contract.

(d) A Performance Statement and budget are attachments to the Contract between the Subrecipient and the Department. Execution of the Contract enables the Subrecipient to access funds through the Department's Contract System.

(e) Amendments and Extensions to Contracts.

  (1) Except for quarterly amendments to non-Discretionary CSBG Contracts to add funds as they are received from HHS, and excluding amendments that move funds within budget categories but do not extend time or add funds, amendment and extension requests must be submitted in writing by the Subrecipient, and will not be granted if any of the following circumstances exist:

    (A) If the award for the Contract was competitively awarded and the amendment would materially change the scope of Contract performance;

    (B) If the Subrecipient is delinquent in the submission of their Single Audit or the Single Audit Certification form required by §1.403, (relating to Single Audit Requirements), in Chapter 1 of this title (relating to Administration);

    (C) If the Subrecipient owes the Department disallowed amounts in excess of $1,000 and a Department-approved repayment plan is not in place or has been violated;

    (D) For amendments adding funds (not applicable to amendments for extending time) if the Department has cited the Subrecipient for violations within §6.11 of this subchapter (related to Compliance Monitoring) and the corrective action period has expired without correction of the issue or a satisfactory plan for correction of the issue or has otherwise notified the Subrecipient in accordance with §1.411 of this title (relating to Administration of Block Grants) under Chapter 2105 of the Texas Government Code and corrective action has not been taken; or

    (E) A member of the Subrecipient's board has been debarred and has not been removed.

  (2) Within 30 calendar days of a Subrecipient's request for a Contract amendment or extension request the request will be processed or denied in writing. If denied, the applicable reason from this subsection or other applicable reason will be cited. The Subrecipient may appeal the decision to the Executive Director consistent with Chapter 1, §1.7, of this title (relating to the Appeals Process).

Source Note: The provisions of this §6.3 adopted to be effective December 2, 2021, 46 TexReg 8012

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