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RULE §6.7Subrecipient Reporting Requirements

(a) Subrecipient must submit the Monthly Performance and Expenditure Report through the Contract System not later than the fifteenth day of each month following the reported month of the Contract Term or for LIHWAP only not later than the twentieth day of each month following the reported month of the Contract Term. Reports are required even if a fund reimbursement or advance is not being requested. It is the responsibility of the Subrecipient to upload information into the Department's designated database.

(b) Subrecipient shall reconcile their expenditures with their performance on at least a monthly basis before seeking a request for funds for the following month. If the Subrecipient is unable to reconcile on a month-to-month basis, the Subrecipient must provide at the request of the Department, a written explanation for the variance and take appropriate measures to reconcile the subsequent month. It is the responsibility of a Subrecipient to demonstrate the compliant use of all funds provided during the Contract Term.

(c) If the Department has provided funds to a Subrecipient in excess of the amount of reported Expenditures in the ensuing month's report, no additional funds will be released until those excess funds have been expended. For example, in January a Subrecipient requests and is advanced $50,000. In February, if the Subrecipient reports $10,000 in Expenditures and an anticipated need for $30,000, no funds will be released.

(d) Subrecipient shall electronically submit to the Department, no later than 45 days after the end of the Subrecipient Contract Term, a final accounting of the Contract's expenditure or reimbursement utilizing the final Monthly Performance and Expenditure Report. If this or a later reconciliation results in funds owed to the Department, Subrecipient shall, within 10 calendar days, either send funds to the Department, or contact the Department to enter into a time-limited Department approved repayment plan.

(e) CSBG Annual Report and National Survey. Federal requirements mandate all states to participate in the preparation of an annual performance measurement report. To comply with the requirements of 42 U.S.C. §9917, all CSBG Eligible Entities and other organizations receiving CSBG funds are required to participate.

(f) The Subrecipient shall submit other reports, data, and information on the performance of the DOE and LIHEAP-WAP program activities as required by DOE pursuant to 10 CFR §440.25 or by the Department.

(g) Subrecipient shall submit other reports, data, and information on the performance of the federal program activities as required by the Department.

(h) A Subrecipient may refer a Contractor to the Department for Debarment consistent with §2.401 of this title, (relating to Debarment from Participation in Programs Administered by the Department).

Source Note: The provisions of this §6.7 adopted to be effective December 2, 2021, 46 TexReg 8012

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