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RULE §80.71Rules for Hearings

(a) Unless otherwise expressly set forth in the Standards Act or this chapter, all hearings shall be held and conducted pursuant to the applicable provisions of Government Code, Chapter 2001.

(b) Any party to a hearing may request that a record of the hearing be made and transcribed by an independent court reporter, other than an employee of the Department. Such request must be made not later than seven (7) calendar days prior to the hearing. The additional cost and expense of the independent court reporter may be assessed against the party making the request.

(c) Notice of a hearing shall specify all state and federal laws, rules, and regulations, including but not limited to, if applicable, HUD regulations, that the Department believes are relevant to any issue to be involved in the hearing.

(d) The Department may serve the notice of hearing on the respondent at his or her last known address as shown by the Department's records.

(e) If, after receiving notice of a hearing, a party fails to appear in person or by representative on the day and time set for hearing or fails to appear by telephone in accordance with Government Code, Chapter 2001, also known as the Administrative Procedures Act, the hearing may proceed in that party's absence and a proposal for decision may be entered by default, accepting all facts and conclusions of law as deemed admitted.

(f) If the administrative law judge grants a default but does not issue a default proposal for decision and instead issues a default order dismissing the case and returning the file to the Department for informal disposition on a default basis in accordance with §2001.056 of the Texas Government Code, the Executive Director may issue a final order deeming the allegations in the Notice of Hearing as true.

(g) Pursuant to the Administrative Procedures Act, each party has the right to file exceptions to the Proposal for Decision and present a brief with respect to the exceptions. All exceptions must be filed with the Department within ten (10) business days of the Proposal for Decision, with replies to be filed ten (10) business days after the filing of exceptions.

(h) When an administrative hearing is held for any matter in which the Department seeks to take action against a licensee for violating the Standards Act or these rules, whether such action is an action to assess administrative penalties, to require corrective action, to require cessation of improper activities, to suspend or revoke a license, or any combination thereof, the Department shall assess the costs of the proceeding against any party that fails to appear at a duly noticed administrative hearing. The costs assessed shall be the greater of $100 or the actual costs charged to the Department by the State Office of Administrative Hearings, the Office of the Attorney General, any court reporter, or any other third party providing services in connection with such hearing.

(i) The Department will seek the recovery of its costs from any party against whom it initiates an action if that action results in the entry of a final order taking any administrative action against that party, including the assessment of administrative penalties, requiring corrective action, requiring cessation of improper activities, suspension or revocation of a license, or any combination thereof.

Source Note: The provisions of this §80.71 adopted to be effective March 25, 2012, 37 TexReg 1307; amended to be effective May 15, 2016, 41 TexReg 2743

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