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RULE §80.80Administration of Claims under the Manufactured Homeowner Consumer Claims Program

(a) The Director, before authorizing any party performing warranty work or providing other goods or services that are to be reimbursed from the Manufactured Homeowner Consumer Claims Program (the "Claims Program") to proceed, will require that an estimate be submitted on the form set forth on the Department's website properly completed and executed.

(b) Re-assigned warranty work required by the Director to be performed shall, unless extended for good cause or provided otherwise in the order, be performed within thirty (30) days or such other time as the director may by order specify:

  (1) evidence that re-assigned warranty work was performed shall, unless extended for good cause, be supplied to the Department within ten (10) days of completion; and

  (2) all warranty work or other work to be reimbursed from the Claims Program, once completed, is subject to being re-inspected.

(c) An order re-assigning warranty work and designating the party responsible for the re-assigned warranty work as a "consumer" under §1201.358(d) of the Standards Act becomes final if not appealed within thirty (30) days.

(d) Failure to provide a required estimate in connection with an order to perform re-assigned warranty work, once that order has become final, may serve as grounds for an administrative action against the licensee.

(e) When a consumer has a covered claim against a licensee and the licensee has not satisfied the claim, the Department shall take appropriate steps to make sure that the claim is proper, meeting all requirements of laws and rules, and that all reasonable steps to satisfy the claim have been exhausted. If the damages arose as a result of a violation of the Texas Deceptive Trade Practice- Consumer Protection Act, the specific violation must be adequately documented. Acceptable documentation would include a court order finding that such a violation had occurred or the establishing of confirmed facts that would specifically constitute such a violation, along with proof that the court order could not be satisfied. The specific violation must relate directly to the manufactured home or the sale transaction regarding the manufactured home.

(f) Once a payment is made from the Claims Program, the Department shall file a claim under the bond of or deduct the amount paid from other security provided by the party primarily responsible for the unsatisfied claim.

Source Note: The provisions of this §80.80 adopted to be effective March 25, 2012, 37 TexReg 1307; amended to be effective January 7, 2018, 42 TexReg 6921

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