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RULE §29.8Requirements for Curatorial Facilities

(a) In recognition of the authority of the Commission over the state-associated collections, the Commission establishes different levels of collection management requirements for curatorial facilities holding state-associated collections and having different capacities and goals.

(b) Curatorial facilities that are certified to receive state-associated collections under §29.6 of this chapter must adopt, as a part of the certification process, a collections management policy that meets or exceeds the minimum requirements of this subchapter. Curatorial practices evolve over time, and these rules may be amended to reflect changes in accepted professional practices. Certified curatorial facilities will be expected to meet the requirements of such amendments within a reasonable time after their adoption. Limitations on authority to manage state-associated collections will be determined through an agreement between the Commission and the certified curatorial facility.

(c) Curatorial facilities that intend to become certified to receive state-associated collections under §29.6 of this chapter in the future should meet or exceed the minimum standards established under this subchapter while working toward certification.

(d) Curatorial facilities that do not intend to become certified under §29.6 of this chapter should nonetheless attempt to provide the highest possible level of care to state-associated collections maintained in their facilities. At a minimum, a level of care that prevents deterioration of, damage to, or loss of items in the collections should be maintained. Within seven years of the effective date of this section, curatorial facilities should either submit a plan for Commission approval on the care and management of the state-associated collections or consider the transfer of state-associated collections to a curatorial facility certified under §29.6 of this chapter.

Source Note: The provisions of this §29.8 adopted to be effective November 18, 2003, 28 TexReg 10203

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