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RULE §1.65Exhibits

(a) Form. Exhibits to be offered in evidence at a hearing shall be of a size which will not unduly encumber the record. Whenever practicable, exhibits shall conform to the size requirements established by §1.32 of this title (relating to Form and Content of Pleadings). The pages of each exhibit shall be numbered consecutively.

(b) Tender and service. The original or a true and correct copy of each exhibit offered in evidence shall be identified and tendered for inclusion in the record. Copies of the exhibit shall be furnished to the examiners, to the court reporter, and to each party prior to or at the time the exhibit is offered in evidence.

(c) Excluded exhibits. If an exhibit is offered, objected to, and excluded, the examiner may determine whether or not the party offering the exhibit wishes to withdraw the offer; if so, the examiner shall permit the return of the exhibit to the party. If the excluded exhibit is not withdrawn, it shall be given an exhibit number for identification, shall be endorsed by the examiner with the ruling, and shall be included in the record for the purpose of preserving an exception.

(d) Late exhibits. Unless specifically requested and permitted by the Commissioners, the Hearings Director, or the examiner, no exhibit shall be filed in any proceeding after the hearing has been completed. If the filing of a late-filed exhibit is permitted, copies shall be served on all parties, and each party will have the opportunity to respond and submit additional relevant responsive evidence.

Source Note: The provisions of this §1.65 adopted to be effective August 21, 2017, 42 TexReg 4131

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