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RULE §14.2131Fire Protection

(a) Fire protection shall be provided for all LNG facilities, as determined by sound fire protection engineering principles, analysis of local conditions, hazards within the facility, and exposure to or from other property. The evaluation shall determine at a minimum type, quantity, and location of:

  (1) equipment necessary for the detection and control of fires, leaks, and spills of LNG, flammable refrigerants, or flammable gases;

  (2) equipment necessary for the detection and control of potential non-process and electrical fires;

  (3) the methods necessary for protection of the equipment and structures from the effects of fire;

  (4) fire protection water systems;

  (5) fire extinguishing and other fire control equipment;

  (6) the availability and duties of employees and the availability of local emergency response organizations during an emergency; and

  (7) the protective equipment and special training needed by employees for their emergency duties.

(b) A detailed emergency response manual shall be prepared for potential emergency conditions. The procedures shall include but not be limited to:

  (1) shut-down or isolation of all or part of the equipment to ensure that the escape of gas or liquid is promptly stopped or reduced as much as possible;

  (2) use of fire protection equipment;

  (3) notification of emergency response organizations and public authorities;

  (4) first aid; and

  (5) duties of employees.

(c) The emergency procedure manual shall be available in the operating area and shall be updated as required by changes in equipment or procedures.

(d) Employees engaged in LNG activities shall be trained in emergency duties and procedures. Refresher training shall be conducted at least once every two years.

(e) Fire control measures shall be coordinated with the local fire and emergency response organizations.

(f) Safety and fire protection equipment shall be visually inspected at least once a month and tested at least once a year. Documentation shall be maintained on inspections and tests for at least two years or consistent with other safety record retention schedules, whichever is greater.

(g) Maintenance on fire control equipment shall be scheduled so that a minimum of equipment is out of service at any one time and fire protection safety is not compromised. Access routes for movement of fire control equipment to an LNG fueling facility shall be maintained at all times.

(h) Fire extinguishing and other fire control systems shall follow the local fire marshal's requirements and recommendations for the protection of specific hazards.

(i) Dry chemical fire extinguishers suitable for extinguishing gas fires shall be provided at each stationary LNG installation.

Source Note: The provisions of this §14.2131 adopted to be effective May 26, 2003, 28 TexReg 4100

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