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RULE §14.2513Electrical Equipment

(a) Electrical equipment and wiring shall be installed in accordance with the applicable sections of NEC.

(b) Fixed electrical equipment and wiring installed within the areas specified in Table 1 of subsection (h) of this section shall comply with the requirements specified.

(c) Seals, barriers, or other means used to comply with this section shall be designed to prevent the passage of flammable fluids through the conduit, stranded conductors, and cables. Such means may include but not be limited to:

  (1) a physical interruption of the conduit run and of the stranded conductors through the use of an adequately vented junction box containing terminal strip or busbar connections;

  (2) an exposed section of MI cable using suitable fittings; or

  (3) an exposed section of single conductor which is incapable of transmitting gases or vapors.

(d) A primary seal shall be provided between the flammable fluid system and the electrical conduit wiring system. If the failure of the primary seal would allow the passage of flammable fluids to another portion of the conduit or wiring system, an additional seal shall be provided to prevent the passage of the flammable fluid beyond the additional device or means.

(e) Unless specifically designed and approved for the purpose, the seals specified in this section are not intended to replace the conduit seals required in NEC.

(f) Where primary seals are installed, drains, vents, or other devices shall be provided for monitoring purposes to detect flammable fluids and leaking.

(g) Primary seals shall be designed to withstand the service conditions to which they may be exposed. Additional seals or barriers and interconnecting enclosures shall meet the pressure and temperature requirements of the condition to which they could be exposed in the event of failure of the primary seal, unless other approved means are provided to accomplish this purpose.

(h) The classified areas described in Table 1 of this section shall not extend beyond an unpierced wall, roof, or solid vaportight partition.

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Source Note: The provisions of this §14.2513 adopted to be effective May 26, 2003, 28 TexReg 4100

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