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RULE §14.2616Installation of Venting Systems and Monitoring Sensors

(a) Pressure relief devices and pressure carrying components installed within a closed compartment shall be vented to the outside of the vehicle in a suitable location.

(b) Vents shall not exit into a wheel well.

(c) Vents shall not restrict the operation of a fuel container pressure relief device or pressure relief device channel. Vent lines shall be located and secured to permit the required relief discharge capacity and to minimize the possibility of physical damage.

(d) Vent lines shall be equipped with a means to minimize the possibility of water or other foreign material from entering the relief device or vent line. Such means shall remain in place except when the relief device operates and shall permit the relief device to operate at the required capacity.

(e) Escaping gas shall not impinge on fuel supply containers and shall not be directed into wheel wells, at individuals or other vehicles in traffic, at the engine air intake, or in a manner that would create a hazard.

(f) Safety relief valve discharge shall be directed or vented so that any gas released will not directly impinge upon containers, any part of the vehicle, adjacent individuals or vehicles, or the inside of the passenger or luggage compartment.

(g) At least two monitoring sensors shall be installed on all LNG-fueled vehicles to detect hazardous levels of LNG. Sensors shall activate at not more than 20% of the lower flammable limit of LNG. If the level exceeds one-fifth of the LFL, the sensor shall either shut the system down or activate an audible and visual alarm. The number of sensors to be installed shall comply with the area of coverage for each sensor and the size of the vehicle. The sensors shall be installed and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.

Source Note: The provisions of this §14.2616 adopted to be effective May 26, 2003, 28 TexReg 4100

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