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RULE §4.425Voluntary Cleanup Agreement

(a) Before the Site Remediation Section evaluates any plan or report detailing the cleanup goals and proposed response action methods, the eligible applicant shall enter into a voluntary cleanup agreement with the Commission that sets forth the terms and conditions of the evaluation of the reports and the implementation of work plans.

(b) A voluntary cleanup agreement shall:

  (1) include provisions by which the participant commits to pay the Commission all reasonable costs:

    (A) incurred by the Commission for review and oversight of the participant's work plan and reports and for the Commission's field activities;

    (B) attributable to the voluntary cleanup agreement including direct and indirect costs of overhead, salaries, equipment, utilities, and legal, management, and support costs; and

    (C) that exceed the amount of the application fee submitted to the Commission by the applicant as required by §4.415 of this title (relating to Application to Participate in the Voluntary Cleanup Program);

  (2) identify all statutes and rules with which the participant shall comply;

  (3) identify all state and federal standards, requirements, criteria, or limitations to which the response action would otherwise be subject if a state or federal permit were required;

  (4) describe any work plan or report that the participant is required to submit for review by the Commission, including a final report that provides all information necessary to verify that all work contemplated by the voluntary cleanup agreement has been completed;

  (5) include a schedule for the participant to submit and for the Site Remediation Section to review the information required by paragraph (4) of this subsection;

  (6) identify specific tasks, deliverables, and schedules for conducting and completing the response action, including terms specifying negotiating periods between reports and consequences for failure to meet deadlines in the agreement;

  (7) state the technical standards to be applied by the Site Remediation Section in evaluating the work plans and reports with reference to the proposed future land use to be achieved; and

  (8) be signed by both the participant or the participant's authorized representative and the Assistant Director.

(c) If the eligible applicant and the Commission do not reach an agreement on or before the 30th day after good faith negotiations have begun:

  (1) either the eligible applicant or the Commission may withdraw from the negotiations, in which event the Commission shall retain the application fee; or

  (2) the eligible applicant and the Commission may continue negotiating.

(d) The Commission shall not initiate an enforcement action against a participant who is in compliance with this section for the contamination or release that is the subject of the voluntary cleanup agreement or for activity that resulted in the contamination or release that is the subject of a voluntary cleanup agreement.

Source Note: The provisions of this §4.425 adopted to be effective June 10, 2002, 27 TexReg 4936

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