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RULE §7.351Gas Utility Pipeline Tax

(a) Tax imposed. Every gas utility as described in Texas Utilities Code, §122.001(1), shall report and pay a gas utility tax as required by Texas Utilities Code, Chapter 122. The gas utility tax is imposed on the gross income received from all activity performed by the gas utility in Texas pursuant to Texas Utilities Code, §121.001(a)(2). The rate of the tax is one-half of 1.0% of the gross income subject to the tax.

(b) Tax payment. Each gas utility subject to this tax shall report and pay the tax imposed to the Commission by February 20, May 20, August 20, and November 20 of a year for the preceding calendar quarter. The gas utility tax report shall be of a form and content as established by the Commission and shall be properly completed. The Commission shall consider a gas utility tax report and payment timely filed if it is received by Gas Services on or before the applicable date or is sent to Gas Services by first-class United States mail in an envelope or wrapper properly addressed and stamped and postmarked before the deadline and received not more than 10 days later. A legible postmark affixed by the United States Postal Service shall be prima facie evidence of the date of mailing.

(c) Gross income and gross receipts.

  (1) Gross income shall be equal to the total gross receipts from any activity described in Texas Utilities Code, §121.001(a)(2), other than an activity excluded by Texas Utilities Code Chapter 121 from the activities that make a person a gas utility for purposes of that chapter, less a deduction of the costs paid to another person by the gas utility for purchasing, treating, or storing natural gas or for gathering or transporting natural gas to the facilities of the gas utility. Treating shall be any process designed to make gas of pipeline quality.

  (2) Gross receipts shall be equal to the total revenue received from the sale and/or transportation of gas. Revenue from residential sales, commercial and industrial sales, other sales to public authorities, sales for resale, interdepartmental sales, revenues from transportation of gas of others, revenues from storing gas of others, other gas revenues as they relate to natural gas sales, transportation, and/or treating revenues related to transportation (corresponding to Account Numbers 480, 481, 482, 483, 484, 489.1 through 489.4, and 495 of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) uniform system of accounts), as well as any other applicable revenue items determined by the Commission, shall be subject to the gas utility tax. A distribution gas utility performing transportation for a fee (Account Number 489.3) and/or making sales for resale (Account Number 483) shall be subject to tax on those receipts.

(d) Nontaxable receipts. The following revenues shall not be included in the computation of taxable gross income:

  (1) revenues received from first sales of gas by a producer thereof exclusively. If the sale by a producer of gas includes both produced and purchased gas, then the total revenues from the sale of produced gas shall be exempt from the gas utility tax. However, the total revenues from the sale of purchased gas shall be subject to the tax;

  (2) revenues received from burnertip sales by a gas utility engaged solely in retail gas distribution;

  (3) revenues derived from transporting, delivering, selling, or otherwise making available natural gas for fuel, either directly or indirectly, to irrigation wells or from the sale, transportation, or delivery of natural gas for any other direct use in agricultural activities;

  (4) revenues received from interstate transactions or sales of gas which are subject to the jurisdiction of FERC under the provisions of the Natural Gas Act, 15 United State Code §717 et seq., and the Natural Gas Policy Act, 15 United States Code §3301 et seq.; or

  (5) revenues received from brokerage or off-system sales.

(e) Deductions. To determine taxable gross income, deductions from gross receipts for certain costs incurred are allowed. Deductions may be used to reduce current tax liability to zero. Current deductions may not be carried forward and deducted from gross receipts in the next quarter. Allowable deductions shall be those costs paid to another person associated with natural gas wellhead purchases, natural gas field line purchases, natural gas gasoline plant outlet purchases, natural gas city gate purchases, exchange gas, purchased gas expenses, underground storage expenses, and the transmission and compression of gas by others (corresponding to FERC Account Numbers 800, 801, 802, 803, 804, 806, 807, 813, and 858), and any other applicable expenses as determined by the Commission. The balances of gas withdrawn from storage (corresponding to FERC Account Number 808.1) (debit), and gas delivered to storage (corresponding to FERC Account Number 808.2) (credit) shall be netted. If the net is a debit balance, that balance shall also be deducted from the gross receipts. If the net is a credit balance, that balance shall reduce the allowable deductions.

(f) Enforcement and penalties. Each gas utility liable for the gas utility tax shall be subject to the enforcement and penalty provisions set forth in Texas Utilities Code, Chapter 122. A penalty in the amount of 5.0% of the tax due shall be imposed on any person who fails to make a report or pay a tax as required under law. An additional penalty of 5.0% of the tax due shall be imposed on any person who fails to make a report or pay a tax as required before the 30th day after the date the report or tax payment is due. If a person fails to both make the report and pay the tax for a reporting period, only the penalty and additional penalty, as applicable, for failure to make the report is imposed. If the amount of a penalty or additional penalty computed as otherwise provided by this subsection is less than $5.00, the amount of the penalty or additional penalty is $5.00. Any gas utility tax delinquent during the period commencing on or after January 1, 1994, shall draw simple interest, at the rate of 12% per year beginning on the 60th day after the date the tax becomes delinquent until the tax is paid. The tax is considered paid when received by the Commission in accordance with subsection (b) of this section.

Source Note: The provisions of this §7.351 adopted to be effective July 29, 2002, 27 TexReg 6687; amended to be effective May 14, 2018, 43 TexReg 2997

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