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RULE §41.38Production Record

(a) Each holder of a distiller's and rectifier's permit, winery permit, brewer's license, or brewpub license shall make a production record to be retained by the license or permit holder and made available to a representative of the commission upon request.

(b) The production record shall show:

  (1) a full and complete report of all liquor or malt beverages manufactured, received, and produced;

  (2) the date of each day's operation;

  (3) for each day's operation, the opening inventory in bulk gallons;

  (4) receipts in bulk gallons;

  (5) bulk gallons used in production;

  (6) closing inventory in bulk gallons;

  (7) total units produced, stating number, size, and type of container;

  (8) total gallons produced; and

  (9) total taxable gallons produced of malt beverage or class of liquor.

(c) Entries shall be made on the production record no later than three days after malt beverage or liquor is received or produced.

(d) Each winery shall maintain a record of wine manufactured and labeled pursuant to Alcoholic Beverage Code §16.01(b). This record shall include date of manufacture, the name of the adult(s) for whom the wine was manufactured and labeled, a sample label, and the total gallons manufactured for each adult. Each record shall be made available to a representative of the commission upon request.

Source Note: The provisions of this §41.38 adopted to be effective December 6, 2021, 46 TexReg 8246

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