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RULE §114.70Responsibilities of Licensees

(a) Persons to whom a license has been issued shall return the license to the department upon the surrender, revocation or suspension of the license.

(b) All applicants, licensees, registrants and accredited facilities shall notify the department of any change(s) of name or mailing address. Accredited facilities shall notify the department of any change(s) in the facility name, the name of the safety manager and the practitioner in charge, the mailing address and physical address. Written notification to the department and the appropriate fee shall be submitted to the department within thirty (30) days after a change is effective. Changes in a facility's physical location or ownership require a new application for accreditation.

(c) Name changes. Before the department will issue a new license certificate and identification card, notification of name changes must be received by the department. Notification shall include a copy of a marriage certificate, court decree evidencing the change, or a Social Security card reflecting the licensee's or registrant's new name.

(d) Consumer complaint information notices. All licensees, registrants and accredited facilities, excluding facilities that a licensee visits to treat patients, such as hospitals, nursing homes or patients' homes, shall prominently display a consumer complaint notice or sign in a waiting room or other area where it shall be visible to all patients. Lettering shall be at least one-fourth inch, or font size 30, in height, with contrasting background, containing the department's name, website, mailing address, and telephone number for the purpose of directing complaints to the department regarding a person or facility regulated or requiring regulation under the Act. Script or calligraphy prints are not allowed. The notice shall be worded as specified by the department.

Source Note: The provisions of this §114.70 adopted to be effective October 1, 2016, 41 TexReg 4467

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