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RULE §115.21Education Course Approval

(a) Course approval.

  (1) The course supervisor/administrator shall submit an application form and a non-refundable initial midwifery course application fee to the department with the following supporting documentation:

    (A) course outline;

    (B) course curriculum with specific content references to:

      (i) MANA Core Competencies;

      (ii) NARM Written Test Specifications;

      (iii) NARM Skills Assessment Test Specifications;

      (iv) Texas Midwifery Basic Information and Instructor Manual; and

      (v) protocol writing, adaptation and revision.

    (C) identification of didactic and preceptorship teaching sites;

    (D) a financial statement or balance sheet (within the last year) for the course supervisor/administrator or course owner and disclosure of any bankruptcy within the last five years; and

    (E) written policies to include:

      (i) tuition schedule, other charges, and cancellation and refund policy, including the right of any prospective student to cancel his/her enrollment agreement within 72 hours after signing the agreement and receive a full refund of any money paid;

      (ii) student attendance, progress, and grievance policies;

      (iii) rules of operation and conduct of school personnel;

      (iv) requirements for state licensure;

      (v) disclosure of approval status of course;

      (vi) maintenance of student files; and

      (vii) reasonable access for non-English speakers and compliance with federal and state laws on accessibility.

  (2) Student files shall be maintained for a minimum of five years and shall include:

    (A) evidence that the entrance requirements have been met;

    (B) documentation demonstrating completion of didactic and clinical course work; and

    (C) copies of any financial agreements between the student and the school.

  (3) The department staff shall review each course application submitted for approval. If an application for initial approval meets all of the requirements specified in this paragraph, a one-year provisional approval will be granted. An on-site evaluation of the course shall be scheduled. The evaluation shall be conducted by a member of the department staff and a licensed midwife within the provisional year. The site visit will include the following:

    (A) an inspection of the course's facilities;

    (B) a review of its teaching plan, protocols, and teaching materials;

    (C) a review of didactic and preceptorship instruction;

    (D) interviews with staff and students; and

    (E) a review of student, staff and preceptor files, to include coursework, protocols, and financial records.

  (4) A nonrefundable site visit fee shall be assessed for each site visit.

  (5) The site visit written report shall recommend to the department approval or denial of the course.

  (6) The department shall evaluate the application and all other pertinent information, including any complaints received and the site visit report.

(b) Course reciprocity. A basic midwifery education course which is currently accredited by the Midwifery Education Accreditation Council (MEAC) shall be deemed approved under this subsection upon submission of evidence of such accreditation.

(c) Duration of course approval.

  (1) The department shall approve courses for a three year period.

  (2) Course supervisors/administrators shall reapply for approval six months prior to expiration.

(d) Course changes. Any substantive change(s) in the course or its content shall be submitted to the department within ten working days after change(s).

Source Note: The provisions of this §115.21 adopted to be effective October 1, 2016, 41 TexReg 4477

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