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RULE §65.210Standards for Internal Boiler Inspections

(a) The owner or operator shall prepare a boiler for internal inspection.

(b) Preparation of the boiler for internal inspection shall include:

  (1) all water being drawn off;

  (2) the boiler internal watersides thoroughly washed;

  (3) removal of loose scale as practicable; and

  (4) where boilers are equipped with removable internals, these internals need not be completely removed provided assurance exists that deterioration in regions rendered inaccessible by the internals is not occurring to an extent that might constitute a hazard, or to an extent beyond that found in more readily accessible parts of the vessel.

  (5) All manholes and handholes, washout plugs, and plugs shall be removed for complete inspection, as required by the inspector.

  (6) The furnace and combustion chambers shall be cooled and cleaned to provide safe access to the inspector.

  (7) Brickwork and refractory shall be removed as required by the inspector in order to determine the condition of the boiler, headers, furnace, supports, or other parts.

  (8) The pressure gage shall be removed for cleaning of the siphon and testing, if necessary.

  (9) All low-water cutoff devices shall be dismantled, cleaned, and prepared for inspection. Probe-type low water cutoff devices shall be removed from the boiler.

  (10) The cross-tees and plugs shall be removed to ensure complete clearance on the water and steam sides.

  (11) Before removing the manholes or handholes and entering any part of the boiler connected to a common header with other boilers, any leakage of steam or hot water shall be eliminated.

    (A) The nonreturn and stop valves shall be closed, locked out and tagged out and drain valves between the two valves opened.

    (B) The feedwater valves must be closed, locked out and tagged out.

    (C) After draining the boiler, the blowdown valves shall be closed, locked out and tagged out.

    (D) Blowdown lines, where practicable, shall be disconnected between pressure parts and valves.

    (E) All vent and drain lines shall be opened.

  (12) Gaskets on manholes and handholes of pressure-retaining items, with exception of access and inspection doors of furnace and convection pass, shall be replaced with new gaskets upon reinstallation.

    (A) Re-use of gaskets is prohibited.

    (B) Gaskets shall be installed in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations.

    (C) The use of sealing compounds is prohibited on manhole and handhole gaskets on water/steam pressure parts.

(c) If the boiler is jacketed so that the seams of shells, drums, or domes cannot be seen, enough of the jacketing, setting wall, or other form of casing or housing shall be removed to permit inspection to determine the safety of the boiler, provided such information cannot be determined by other means.

Source Note: The provisions of this §65.210 adopted to be effective June 15, 2015, 40 TexReg 3121; amended to be effective February 15, 2016, 41 TexReg 795

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