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RULE §74.76Responsibilities of the Inspector--Inspectors Equipment Test Tags

(a) The inspector must purchase test tags from the department and must be the person who attaches these tags to the inspected equipment.

(b) The inspector must inscribe all required information on each department test tag. Department test tags shall not be replaced until after all date and signature spaces on the tag are filled.

(c) Upon completion of the initial acceptance test, department test tags must be conspicuously attached to each individual piece of equipment on or adjacent to the equipment controller or main line disconnect.

(d) All devices and adjustments required to be sealed by the adopted standard must be sealed with wire rope and lead seal by the inspector witnessing the test(s). There is no need to replace the seal unless it is broken. If a seal is broken, an inspector must witness the test and provide a seal as prescribed in this subsection prior to the unit being returned to service. The lead seal must be crimped onto the wire rope using a crimping tool bearing the department's seal and the crimping tool number assigned to the inspector. An inspector may use the required crimping tool to seal lead seals provided by the manufacturer at the factory as long as the assigned number is legible.

(e) Inspector's equipment may be purchased from the department for $200 per 100 test tags (sold in multiples of 100).

(f) The inspector must verify that contractor's test tags are placed on the equipment in conformance with the technical requirements adopted in §74.100.

Source Note: The provisions of this §74.76 adopted to be effective July 1, 2012, 37 TexReg 4590; amended to be effective November 15, 2013, 38 TexReg 7949

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