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RULE §76.108Technical Requirements--Pump Installation

(a) During any repair or installation of a water well pump, the licensed installer shall make a reasonable effort to maintain the integrity of ground water and to prevent contamination by elevating the pump column and fittings, or by other means suitable under the circumstances.

(b) A licensed installer shall disinfect the well by:

  (1) Treating the water in the well casing to provide an average disinfectant residual to the entire volume of water in the well casing of fifty (50) mg/l. This may be accomplished by the addition of calcium hypochlorite tablets, sodium hypochlorite solution or other appropriate disinfectant, in the prescribed amounts;

  (2) Circulating, to the extent possible, the disinfected water in the well casing and pump column; and

  (3) Pumping the well to remove disinfected water for a minimum of fifteen (15) minutes.

(c) The installer shall introduce the disinfectant into the open casing or through the well vent. The installer shall allow the disinfectant to dissolve in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications, then flush the well.

(d) An installer may not place any material in a well that has been used in the production of oil or gas.

(e) This section shall include every type of connection device, including but not limited to, flange connections, hose-clamp connections, and other flexible couplings. Except as provided by this chapter, a pump shall be constructed so that no unprotected openings into the interior of the pump or well casing exist.

  (1) A hand pump, hand pump head, stand, or similar device shall have a check valve to prevent pollution.

  (2) A power driven pump shall be attached to the casing or approved suction or discharge line by a closed connection. For the purposes of this section a closed connection is defined to be a sealed connection.

(f) The provisions of this section relating to the requirement of closed connections shall not apply to the following types of pumps and pumping equipment:

  (1) sucker rod pumps and windmills; and

  (2) hand pumps.

Source Note: The provisions of this §76.108 adopted to be effective March 1, 2013, 38 TexReg 1142; amended to be effective September 15, 2014, 39 TexReg 7090

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