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RULE §91.77Responsibilities of Licensee--Animal Records Content, Availability, and Retention Period

(a) A licensed breeder shall maintain, at the licensed facility where the animal is kept, a record for each animal in the breeder's facility documenting the animal's care.

  (1) Records required by this section must be maintained for at least two (2) years and must include:

    (A) the date on which the animal enters the facility or operation;

    (B) the person from whom the animal was purchased or obtained, including the name, address and phone number of such person, and license or registration number if applicable;

    (C) a description of each animal, including the species, color, breed, sex, date of birth (if not known, the approximate age) and weight;

    (D) any tattoo, microchip, or other identification number carried by or appearing on the animal;

    (E) for breeding females:

      (i) breeding dates;

      (ii) whelping or queening dates;

      (iii) number of puppies or kittens per litter;

      (iv) sire or tom for each litter; and

    (F) the disposition of each animal with date of disposition.

  (2) Records required by this section are in addition to records related to preventive and therapeutic veterinary care provided each animal.

  (3) The licensed breeder shall make the animal records available on request to the department inspector.

(b) Records required by this chapter shall be kept at the licensed facility where the animal was last housed for two years from the date of the last entry in the records or the date the animal is no longer housed at the facility, whichever is later.

(c) When an animal subject to this chapter is transferred from one licensed facility to another licensed facility, a copy of records related to that animal and required by this chapter must be transferred contemporaneously with the transferred animal.

(d) Records documenting routine husbandry, such as annual examinations, vaccinations, preventive medical procedures, or treatments or procedures performed on all animals in a group may be kept on a single record.

  (1) Requirements to document in the medical records maintained for each animal or in the records related to each animal may include the single group record in addition to or instead of documenting in an individual record maintained for an animal.

  (2) Requirements for approval or documentation by a veterinarian mean written documentation in the animal's group record, individual record, or both unless otherwise specified.

  (3) The records related to an animal include all individual and group records related to that animal.

Source Note: The provisions of this §91.77 adopted to be effective May 1, 2012, 37 TexReg 3075; amended to be effective January 1, 2024, 48 TexReg 8357

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