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RULE §92.31Responsible Pet Owner Online Courses--Course Requirements

(a) Each application for course approval must be accompanied by:

  (1) a course outline that identifies the educational objectives required by subsection (b); and

  (2) the time allotted for each educational objective.

(b) The educational objectives of online responsible pet owner courses must include, but are not limited to the promotion of:

  (1) respect and observance of federal and state laws which protect livestock and non-livestock animals, and wildlife;

  (2) responsible care for spaying, neutering and tethering of animals;

  (3) state and federal laws related to cruelty to livestock and non-livestock animals, attacks on assistance animals and dog fighting;

  (4) responsible care concepts to include health, safety and welfare for non-livestock and livestock animals, wildlife and bite prevention; and

  (5) Chapter 802, Texas Occupations Code (Dog or Cat Breeders Act) and Title 16, Chapter 91, Texas Administrative Code (Dog or Cat Breeders Program).

(c) The course must be offered online. Each course must be timed and contain a procedure for attendance verification to ensure the participant is active for the full length of the course.

(d) The course must include the log-in information for the course including passwords and the procedure for attendance verification.

(e) Course materials must have the following characteristics:

  (1) appropriate grammar, spelling and punctuation;

  (2) appropriate illustrations and graphics that are consistent with the educational objectives shown in §92.31(b); and

  (3) comprehensive presentation of subject matter that is consistent with the educational objectives shown in §92.31(b).

(f) The course must include:

  (1) a minimum of two (2) instructional hours;

  (2) built-in timers to ensure the minimum hours of instruction have been completed by the participant; and

  (3) attendance verification.

Source Note: The provisions of this §92.31 adopted to be effective March 15, 2018, 43 TexReg 1433

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