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RULE §401.301General Definitions

The following words and terms, when used in this chapter, shall have the following meanings, unless the context clearly indicates otherwise.

  (1) Caption--The letters appearing below the play symbols in the play area of a ticket that verify the correctness of the play symbols.

  (2) Certified drawing--A drawing in which a lottery drawing representative and an independent certified public accountant attest that the drawing equipment functioned properly and that a random selection of a winning combination occurred.

  (3) Claim center--A claims office of the commission at which a claimant may claim a prize.

  (4) Claim form--The printed form authorized and provided by the commission that a claimant shall complete and submit to the commission when claiming a prize.

  (5) Claimant--A player who has submitted a valid claim for payment within the required time frame.

  (6) Commission--The Texas Lottery Commission. Unless the context clearly requires otherwise, "commission" includes authorized Texas Lottery commission staff members/employees.

  (7) Current draw period--The period of time in which the player selections and Quick Pick selections are accumulated into a pool of plays eligible for winning in a drawing held at the end of the designated period.

  (8) Director--The director of Lottery Operations of the Texas Lottery Commission.

  (9) Direct prize category contribution--A specified percentage of net sales allocated to the prize categories as described in the rules of the specific game being played.

  (10) Division--Lottery Operations of the Texas Lottery Commission.

  (11) Draw break--Time periods before a drawing for a draw game during which no request for plays for that drawing may be entered into the lottery gaming system.

  (12) Draw game--A lottery game which utilizes a computer system to administer plays, the type of game, and amount of play for a specified drawing date, and in which a player either selects a combination of numbers or allows number selection by a random number generator approved by the commission, referred to as Quick Pick. The commission, or other authorized entity, will conduct a drawing to determine the winning combination(s) in accordance with the rules of the specific game being played and the draw procedures for the specific game. Sometimes, draw games are called "on-line games."

  (13) Draw game ticket--A ticket issued to a player, by a retailer, and generated by a terminal provided by the commission or commission's vendor on official Texas Lottery paper stock, or, for third-party point-of-sale systems approved by the commission, printed on paper stock or otherwise issued in a manner approved by the commission to provide tangible evidence of participation in a lottery game. That ticket shall be the only acceptable evidence of the combination of digits, numbers, or symbols selected. Draw game tickets may be purchased only from retailers.

  (14) Drawing--The procedure by which the commission randomly selects winning combinations of digits, numbers, or symbols in accordance with the rules of the game as set forth in the rules of the specific game being played and the draw procedures for the specific game.

  (15) Drawing pool--The amount of money available for all prize categories for a specific drawing.

  (16) Draw procedures--The written document approved by the executive director that specifies the draw procedures for a particular game, if a drawing is designed as part of the game.

  (17) Duplicate ticket--A ticket produced by photograph, xerography, or any other method other than a ticket generated by a terminal.

  (18) Executive director--The executive director of the Texas Lottery Commission.

  (19) Game number--The number on the back of the scratch ticket which refers to the number associated with the particular scratch ticket game.

  (20) Game procedures--The written document approved by the director that includes, among other things, the game name, how a prize is won, game prize structure, play style, and eligibility for a drawing, if any.

  (21) High-tier prize--A prize of $600 or more.

  (22) Indirect prize category contribution--Amounts allocated from the roll-over and prize breakage for a specific draw game drawing.

  (23) Invalid ticket--Any ticket that fails to meet all validation requirements of the commission.

  (24) Lottery gaming system--The commission or commission's vendor's computer system consisting of terminals, central processing equipment, and a communication network.

  (25) Lottery retailer or retailer--A licensed sales agent, as contemplated by Chapter 466, Government Code.

  (26) Low-tier prize--A prize of less than $25.

  (27) Mid-tier prize--A prize of $25 or more but less than $600.

  (28) Minor--An individual younger than 18 years of age.

  (29) Pack number--The unique number on the back of the scratch ticket that designates the number of the pack within a specific scratch ticket game.

  (30) Play--A set of numbers that appear on a ticket that are to be wagered by a player in a lottery game, or as otherwise defined in a particular draw game rule.

  (31) Playslip--The physical or electronic means by which a player communicates their intended Play selection, plus any game specific add-on features, to the retailer. A playslip has no pecuniary value and shall not constitute evidence of ticket purchase or of numbers selected.

  (32) Play area--The covered area of a scratch ticket that when removed, reveals the ticket play symbols.

  (33) Play style--The method of play to determine a winner for an individual game.

  (34) Play symbol--The printed data on a scratch ticket that is used to determine eligibility for a prize. The symbols for individual games will be specified in individual scratch ticket game procedures.

  (35) Prize amounts--The amount of money payable to each share in a prize category, the annuitized future value of each share in a prize category, or the net present cash value of each share in a prize category for each draw game drawing. Prize amounts are calculated by dividing the prize category contribution, the annuitized future value of the prize category contribution, or the net present cash value of the prize category contribution by the number of shares determined for the prize category.

  (36) Prize breakage--The money which is left over from the rounding down of the pari-mutuel prize levels to the next lowest whole dollar amount or money which is in excess of the amount needed to pay a prize.

  (37) Prize category--The matching combinations of numbers and their corresponding prize levels as described in rules for the specific game being played.

  (38) Prize category contributions--Refers to contributions for each drawing to each prize category, including direct and indirect prize category contributions.

  (39) Prize fund--The monies allocated to be returned to players in winning tickets within a specific scratch ticket game.

  (40) Prize pool--In a draw game, the total amount of money available for prizes as a percentage of the total sales for the current draw period.

  (41) Prize structure--The number, value, prize payout percentage, and odds of winning prizes for an individual game as approved by the executive director.

  (42) Promotion--One or more events coordinated or conducted by the commission at retail sites, fairs, festivals and other appropriate venues, or in conjunction with one or more particular Texas Lottery games, to educate players about Texas Lottery products and/or sell Texas Lottery games through a retailer in specific markets to maximize Texas Lottery sales and statewide awareness.

  (43) Promotional drawing--A drawing in which qualified contestants are awarded prizes in a random manner in accordance with the procedures set forth for a specific promotion.

  (44) Quick Pick--A play option that generates random numbers in a manner approved by the commission.

  (45) Roll-over--The amount in a specific draw game prize pool category resulting from no matching combinations and/or prize breakage from the previous drawing.

  (46) Sales agent--A person licensed under the State Lottery Act to sell Texas Lottery tickets.

  (47) Scratch ticket--A scratch ticket lottery game, developed and offered for sale to the public in accordance with commission rules, that is played by revealing the ticket play symbols.

  (48) Shares--In a draw game, the total number of matching combinations within each prize category as determined for each drawing.


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