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RULE §402.442Amendment to a Commercial Lessor License

(a) During the license term, a commercial lessor may apply to amend its licensed location or organization name.

(b) To amend its license, a commercial lessor shall submit to the Commission the following:

  (1) completed application form prescribed by the Commission;

  (2) $10 amendment application fee;

  (3) original, current license except when the Commission is maintaining the license in administrative hold. A commercial lessor shall display a copy of its license at its licensed location if it has submitted the original license with an amendment application;

  (4) When amending organization name, additional documents if applicable as follows:

    (A) a copy of relevant amended organizing instruments reflecting the change in organization name;

    (B) if commercial lessor is also licensed to conduct bingo or an association of licensed authorized organizations that jointly own or lease premises, a signed copy of the meeting minutes when the organization voted to change its name.

  (5) When amending location, additional forms as follows:

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(c) The Commission may inspect the proposed location prior to approving an amendment application.

(d) The Commission will not approve an application for an amendment to change location by a commercial lessor who also holds a license to conduct bingo unless its license to conduct bingo is approved for the same location.

(e) All licensed authorized organizations that will be leasing from the commercial lessor at the new location must notify the Commission of the change in commercial lessor and the lease amount to be paid before the commercial lessor license may be amended. Notification may include:

  (1) an annual license or amendment application filed with the Commission;

  (2) licensed Conductor Notification Form prescribed by the Commission; or

  (3) written statement of the change.

(f) If the playing location is not presently licensed, the license will not be issued until at least one authorized organization that will be leasing from the commercial lessor meets all licensing requirements to conduct bingo.

Source Note: The provisions of this §402.442 adopted to be effective November 19, 2008, 33 TexReg 9227

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