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RULE §22.11Provisions specific to the TEXAS Grant, TEOG, TEG, and Texas Work-Study Programs

(a) Funding. Funds offered through this program may not exceed the amount of appropriations, gifts, grants and other funds that are available for this use (§§56.303(c) and 56.403(c)) Texas Education Code).

(b) Authority to Transfer Funds.

  (1) Institutions participating in a combination of the Toward EXcellence, Access and Success Grant, Texas Educational Opportunity Grant, Tuition Equalization Grant, and Texas College Work-Study Programs, in accordance with instructions from the Board, may transfer current fiscal year funds up to the lesser of 25 percent or $60,000 between these programs. This threshold applies to the program from which the funds are transferred. Requests for such transfers must be submitted by the institution by the annual deadline published by the agency.

  (2) Institutions participating in both the Texas College Work-Study Program and the Work-Study Student Mentorship Program, in accordance with instructions from the Board, may transfer current fiscal year funds up to 25 percent between the two programs. This threshold applies to the program from which the funds are transferred. Such transfers must occur by July 1 of the current fiscal year.

(c) Grant Uses. No state grant or work-study funding may be used for any purpose other than paying for any usual and customary cost of attendance incurred by the student related to enrollment at a participating institution of higher education for the academic year for which funding was offered.

(d) Over Awards. If, at a time after the grant has been disbursed by the institution to the student, the student receives assistance that was not taken into account in the institution's estimate of the student's financial need, so that the resulting sum of assistance exceeds the student's financial need, the institution is not required to adjust the grant under this program unless the sum of the excess resources is greater than $300.

(e) Grant adjustments. If a student officially withdraws from enrollment, the institution shall follow its general institutional refund policy in determining the amount by which the financial aid is to be reduced. If the student withdraws or drops classes after the end of the institution's refund period, no refunds are due to the program. If for some other reason the amount of a student's disbursement exceeds the amount the student is eligible to receive, the financial aid should be recalculated accordingly.

(f) Re-offering of funds. Funds made available from grant adjustments may be re-offered to other eligible students attending the institution. If funds cannot be re-offered, they should be returned to the Board in accordance with §22.2 of this subchapter (relating to Timely Distribution of Funds).

(g) Late Disbursements.

  (1) A student may receive a disbursement after the end of his/her period of enrollment if the student:

    (A) Owes funds to the institution for the period of enrollment for which the grant is being made; or

    (B) Received a student loan that is still outstanding for the period of enrollment.

  (2) Funds that are disbursed after the end of the student's period of enrollment must be used to either pay the student's outstanding balance from his/her period of enrollment at the institution or to make a payment against an outstanding student loan received during that period of enrollment. Under no circumstances are funds to be released to the student.

  (3) Documentation must be retained by the institution, proving the late-disbursed funds were used to make a payment against an outstanding balance at the institution from the relevant period of enrollment and/or to make a payment against an outstanding loan taken out for the period of enrollment.

  (4) Unless granted an extension by the staff of the Coordinating Board, late disbursements must be processed prior to the end of the state fiscal year for which the funds were allocated to the institution.

Source Note: The provisions of this §22.11 adopted to be effective December 5, 2019, 44 TexReg 7380; amended to be effective November 22, 2020, 45 TexReg 8339; amended to be effective May 19, 2022, 47 TexReg 2860

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