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RULE §89.1056Transfer of Assistive Technology Devices

(a) Unless otherwise specifically defined in this section, the terms used in this section shall have the meanings ascribed to such terms in Texas Education Code (TEC), §30.0015, (Transfer of Assistive Technology Devices).

(b) A transfer of an assistive technology device (ATD) pursuant to TEC, §30.0015, shall be in accordance with a transfer agreement which incorporates the standards described in TEC, §30.0015(c), and which includes, specifically, the following.

  (1) The transferor and transferee must represent and agree that the terms of the transfer are based on the fair market value of the ATD, determined in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.

  (2) The informed consent of the parent of the student with a disability for whom the ATD is being transferred must be obtained before the transfer of an ATD pursuant to TEC, §30.0015. The procedures employed by a school district in obtaining such informed consent shall be consistent with the procedures employed by the district to obtain parental consent under 34 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), §300.300. If the student has the legal capacity to enter into a contract, the informed consent may be obtained from the student. Consistent with 34 CFR, §300.505(c), informed parental or adult student consent need not be obtained if the school district can demonstrate that it has taken reasonable measures to obtain that consent, and the student's parent or the adult student has failed to respond. To meet the reasonable measures requirement, the school district must use procedures consistent with those described in 34 CFR, §300.322(d).

  (3) If the transfer is a sale, then the sale of the ATD shall be evidenced by a "Uniform Transfer Agreement" (UTA) which includes the following:

    (A) the names of the transferor and the transferee (which may be any individual or entity identified in TEC, §30.0015(b));

    (B) the date of the transfer;

    (C) a description of the ATD being transferred;

    (D) the terms of the transfer (including the transfer of warranties, to the extent applicable); and

    (E) the signatures of authorized representatives of both the transferor and the transferee.

(c) The Texas Education Agency shall annually disseminate to school districts the standards for a school district's transfer of an ATD pursuant to TEC, §30.0015.

(d) Nothing in this section or in TEC, §30.0015, shall:

  (1) alter any existing obligation under federal or state law to provide ATDs to students with disabilities;

  (2) require a school district to transfer an ATD to any person or entity;

  (3) limit a school district's right to sell, lease, loan, or otherwise convey or dispose of property as authorized by federal or state laws, rules, or regulations; or

  (4) authorize any transfer of an ATD that is inconsistent with any restriction on transferability imposed by the manufacturer or developer of the ATD or applicable federal or state laws, rules, or regulations.

Source Note: The provisions of this §89.1056 adopted to be effective March 6, 2001, 26 TexReg 1837; amended to be effective November 11, 2007, 32 TexReg 8129

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