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RULE §3.67Emeritus Status

(a) A Landscape Architect whose registration is in Good Standing may apply for emeritus registration status on a form prescribed by the Board. In order for a Landscape Architect to obtain emeritus status, the Landscape Architect must demonstrate that:

  (1) he/she has been registered as a Landscape Architect for at least 20 years; and

  (2) he/she is at least 65 years of age.

(b) An Emeritus Landscape Architect may engage in the Practice of Landscape Architecture to the extent that a person who does not hold a certificate of registration as a landscape architect may under §1052.003(a) of the Texas Occupations Code.

(c) An Emeritus Landscape Architect may use the title "Emeritus Landscape Architect" or "Landscape Architect Emeritus."

(d) An Emeritus Landscape Architect may renew his/her registration prior to its specified expiration date by:

  (1) remitting the correct fee to the Board; and

  (2) providing the information or documentation requested by the registration renewal notice and signing the renewal form to verify the accuracy of all information and documentation provided.

(e) If an Emeritus Landscape Architect fails to remit a completed registration renewal form and the prescribed fee on or before the specified expiration date of the Emeritus Landscape Architect's registration, the Board shall impose a late payment penalty that must be paid before the Emeritus Landscape Architect's registration may be renewed.

(f) In order to change his/her registration to active status, an Emeritus Landscape Architect must:

  (1) apply on a form prescribed by the Board;

  (2) either submit proof that he/she has completed all continuing education requirements for each year the registration has been emeritus or, in lieu of completing the outstanding continuing education requirements, successfully complete all sections of the current Landscape Architect Registration Examination during the five years immediately preceding the return to active status; and

  (3) pay a fee as prescribed by the Board.

(g) Applications to return to active status may be rejected for any of the reasons for which an initial application for registration may be rejected or for which a registration may be revoked.

(h) The Board may require that an application to return to active status include verification that the Applicant has complied with the laws governing the Practice of Landscape Architecture.

Source Note: The provisions of this §3.67 adopted to be effective October 10, 2001, 26 TexReg 7851; amended to be effective April 3, 2008, 33 TexReg 2692

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