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RULE §214.6Administration and Organization

(a) The governing entity of a vocational nursing education program shall be licensed/approved or deemed exempt by the TWC or the THECB.

(b) There shall be an organizational chart indicating lines of authority between the vocational nursing education program and the governing entity.

(c) The vocational nursing education program shall have comparable status with other education units within the governing entity in such areas as budgetary authority, rank, promotion, tenure, leave, benefits, and professional development.

(d) Salaries shall be adequate to recruit, employ, and retain sufficient qualified nursing faculty members with the expertise necessary for students to meet program goals.

(e) The governing entity shall provide financial support and resources needed to operate a vocational nursing education program which meets the requirements of the Board and fosters achievement of program goals. The financial resources shall support adequate educational facilities, equipment, and qualified administrative and instructional personnel.

(f) Each vocational nursing education program shall be administered by a qualified individual who is accountable for the planning, implementation, and evaluation of the vocational nursing education program.

  (1) The director/coordinator shall hold an unencumbered current license or privilege to practice as a registered nurse in the state of Texas.

  (2) The director/coordinator shall have been actively employed in nursing for the past five (5) years, preferably in administration or teaching, with a minimum of one (1) year teaching experience in a pre-licensure nursing education program.

  (3) If the director/or coordinator has not been actively employed in nursing for the past five (5) years, the director's or coordinator's advanced preparation in nursing, nursing education, and nursing administration and prior relevant nursing employment may be taken into consideration by Board Staff in evaluating qualifications for the position.

  (4) The director/coordinator shall have a degree or equivalent experience that will demonstrate competency and advanced preparation in nursing, education, and administration.

  (5) The director/coordinator must have had five (5) years of varied nursing experience since graduation from a professional nursing education program.

  (6) In a fully approved vocational nursing education program, other qualifications may be considered if there is supporting evidence that the candidate has sufficient competencies to fulfill the responsibilities.

  (7) The director or coordinator may have responsibilities other than the program, provided that another qualified nursing faculty member is designated to assist with the program management.

  (8) A director or coordinator with responsibilities other than the program shall not have major teaching responsibilities.

(g) When the director/coordinator or of the program changes, the director/coordinator shall submit to the Board office written notification of the change indicating the final date of employment.

  (1) A new Dean/Director/Coordinator Qualification Form shall be submitted to the Board office by the governing entity for approval prior to the appointment of a new director/coordinator or an interim director/coordinator in an existing program or a new vocational nursing education program according to Board Education Guideline 3.4.1.a. Approval Process for a New Dean/Director/Coordinator or New Interim/Dean/Director/Coordinator.

  (2) A curriculum vitae and all applicable official transcripts for the proposed new director/coordinator shall be submitted with the new Dean/Director/Coordinator Qualification Form, according to Board Education Guideline 3.4.1.a.

  (3) If an interim director/coordinator is appointed to fill the position, this appointment shall not exceed one (1) year.

(h) A newly appointed director/coordinator or interim director/coordinator of a vocational nursing education program shall attend a scheduled new director/coordinator workshop provided by the Board related to education rules and the role and responsibilities of newly appointed directors/coordinators within one (1) year of his/her hire date in that role.

(i) The director/coordinator shall have the authority to direct the vocational nursing education program in all its phases, including approval of teaching staff, selection of appropriate clinical sites, admission, progression, probation, dismissal of students, and enforcement of student policies. Additional responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  (1) providing evidence of faculty expertise and knowledge to teach curriculum content;

  (2) verifying students' completion of program requirements;

  (3) completing and submitting the Texas Board of Nursing Affidavit of Graduation; and

  (4) completing and submitting the NEPIS and CANEP by the required dates.

(j) The director or coordinator of the nursing program shall notify Board Staff immediately when there is a change in the name of the vocational nursing education program or the governing entity, or when there are changes in contact information.

Source Note: The provisions of this §214.6 adopted to be effective February 13, 2005, 30 TexReg 545; amended to be effective January 10, 2008, 33 TexReg 179; amended to be effective October 19, 2008, 33 TexReg 8501; amended to be effective December 27, 2010, 35 TexReg 11662; amended to be effective October 21, 2012, 37 TexReg 8294; amended to be effective August 9, 2018, 43 TexReg 5072

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