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RULE §273.12Profile Information

(a) All licensees shall provide, on each application for renewal of license, the information listed in subsection (b). New licensees shall provide the information listed in subsection (b) prior to receiving a license.

(b) Each license holder is required to furnish:

  (1) the name of the license holder and the address and telephone number of the license holder's primary practice location;

  (2) whether the license holder's patient service areas, as applicable, are accessible to disabled persons, as defined by federal law;

  (3) the type of language translating services, including translating services for a person with impairment of hearing, that the license holder provides for patients, clients, users, customers, or consumers, as applicable;

  (4) if applicable, insurance information, including whether the license holder participates in the state child health plan under Chapter 62, Health and Safety Code, or the Medicaid program;

  (5) the education and training received by the license holder, as required by the licensing entity;

  (6) any specialty certification held by the license holder;

  (7) the number of years the person has practiced as a license holder; and

  (8) if applicable, any hospital affiliation of the license holder.

(c) The information listed in subsection (b) shall be furnished when requested by the Board on the license renewal form or, in the case of a new applicant, when requested by letter from the Board.

(d) The Board shall make the information available to the public, including posting the information on the Board's Internet website.

Source Note: The provisions of this §273.12 adopted to be effective March 28, 2002, 27 TexReg 2237

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