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RULE §315.3Prescriptions - Effective September 1, 2016

(a) Schedule II Prescriptions.

  (1) Except as provided by subsection (e) of this section, a practitioner, as defined in the TCSA, §481.002(39)(A), must issue a written prescription for a Schedule II controlled substance only on an official Texas prescription form or through an electronic prescription that meets all requirements of the TCSA. This subsection also applies to a prescription issued in an emergency situation.

  (2) A practitioner who issues a written prescription for any quantity of a Schedule II controlled substance must complete an official prescription form.

  (3) A practitioner may issue multiple written prescriptions authorizing a patient to receive up to a 90-day supply of a Schedule II controlled substance provided:

    (A) each prescription is issued for a legitimate medical purpose by a practitioner acting in the usual course of professional practice;

    (B) the practitioner provides written instructions on each prescription, other than the first prescription if the practitioner intends for that prescription to be filled immediately, indicating the earliest date on which a pharmacy may dispense each prescription; and

    (C) the practitioner concludes that providing the patient with multiple prescriptions in this manner does not create an undue risk of diversion or abuse.

  (4) A schedule II prescription must be dispensed no later than 21 days after the date of issuance or, if the prescription is part of a multiple set of prescriptions, issued on the same day, no later than 21 days after the earliest date on which a pharmacy may dispense the prescription as indicated on each prescription.

(b) Schedules III through V Prescriptions.

  (1) A practitioner, as defined in the TCSA, §481.002(39)(A), (C), (D), may use prescription forms and order forms through individual sources. A practitioner may issue, or allow to be issued by a person under the practitioner's direction or supervision, a Schedule III through V controlled substance on a prescription form for a valid medical purpose and in the course of medical practice.

  (2) Schedule III through V prescriptions may be refilled up to five times within six months after date of issuance.

(c) Electronic prescription. A practitioner is permitted to issue and to dispense an electronic controlled substance prescription only in accordance with the requirements of the Code of Federal Regulations, Title 21, Part 1311.

(d) Controlled substance prescriptions may not be postdated.

(e) Advanced practice registered nurses or physician assistants may only use the official prescription forms issued with their name, address, phone number, and DEA numbers, and the delegating physician's name and DEA number.

Source Note: The provisions of this §315.3 adopted to be effective March 10, 2016, 41 TexReg 1690; amended to be effective June 11, 2017, 42 TexReg 2931

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