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RULE §469.2Public Complaint Notification Statement

(a) Methods of Notification. The Board and its licensees shall provide notification to the public that complaints can be filed with the Board by publishing the Board's name, its mailing address, and telephone number by the following method:

  (1) Displaying a sign in a prominent location on a wall in all rooms where psychological services are conducted in a position that is reasonably likely to be viewed by individuals occupying the room, on paper of no less than 8-1/2 inches by 11 inches in size, with the Board-approved notification statement printed in black. Licensees providing psychological services through the internet shall display an image of the notification statement in a prominent and easily accessible location within the website. The Board approved notification statement must be printed in both English and Spanish.

    (A) The Board-approved English notification statement reads as follows: "Be it known that the Texas State Board of Examiners of Psychologists receives questions and complaints regarding the practice of psychology. For assistance please contact: Texas State Board of Examiners of Psychologists, 333 Guadalupe, Suite 2-450, Austin, Texas 78701, (512) 305-7700, or 800-821-3205."

    (B) The Board-approved Spanish notification statement reads as follows: "Se desea informar que la Comisión Estatal Examinadora de Psicólogos de Texas recibe toda clase de consultas y quejas sobre el ejercicio profesional de la psicología en el Estado de Texas. Si usted necesita este servicio, comuníquese con: Texas State Board of Examiners of Psychologists, 333 Guadalupe, Suite 2-450, Austin, Texas 78701, (512) 305-7700 o 800-821-3205."

  (2) The Board-approved notification statement is provided to licensees at the time of licensure. Additional Board-approved notification statements may be obtained directly from the Board office at any time.

(b) In addition to the Board-approved notification sign, licensees may also notify consumers by the following methods:

  (1) on each registration form, application, or written contract for services of a licensee; or

  (2) in a bill for services provided by a licensee.

Source Note: The provisions of this §469.2 adopted to be effective December 2, 1999, 24 TexReg 10552; amended to be effective March 13, 2001, 26 TexReg 2023; amended to be effective October 1, 2008, 33 TexReg 8168

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